Pegasystems Launches Comprehensive Set of BPM Solutions To Help Deliver Operational, Service Excellence Across the Enterprise

Major New Enhancements to Smart BPM Platform, New Enterprise Applications
Announced, For Greatly Improved Customer Service, Operational Quality and Compliance

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 3, 2004 – Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), a leading
provider of smart, rules-based business process management (BPM) software, today unveiled a broad new set of horizontal and vertical BPM solutions, including a new version of their smart BPM platform product and packaged BPM
applications leveraging the company’s particular expertise in exceptions management and customer process management. The new solutions provide greatly improved productivity, agility, quality and compliance across the enterprise, delivering state-of-the-art process management and rules engine technology to help drive operational excellence from front to back office.

Pegasystems announced today PegaRULES Process Commander Version 4, a comprehensive BPM platform with an integrated enterprise rules engine that automates the flow and completion of work, and which allows non-technical business users to make real-time updates of the processes and practices that
drive their organization. The company also announced Pega Customer Process
Manager, an enterprise-wide horizontal BPM application built on V4. A
process-oriented customer service application, it provides superior service
through sophisticated personalization and rapid, one-touch resolution. The
third major announcement is Pega Quality & Exception Manager, an enterprise-wide application built on V4 that enables large organizations to maximize operational performance and improve quality and compliance through proactive exception management. These three new products will be available next week.

Pegasystems also announced today that a number of its vertical industry applications, PegaCARD Smart Dispute, PegaPAYMENT Smart Adjust and PegaHEALTH Claims Repair, will soon be available on V4, making them easier to use, easier to change and easier to integrate.

"More companies today are looking to agile, rule-governed BPM for managing key business processes individually and in concert with other processes," said Gartner analyst Jim Sinur. “They need smart tools to bring processes together in an automated way, to reduce wasteful steps reconciling individual processes as they contribute to overall business processes."

"No one else in the market is delivering such a breadth and depth of rules-based BPM applications,” said Henry Ancona, president and COO, Pegasystems. “We are unique in providing not only a leading-edge horizontal
platform and enabling technology, but also comprehensive, industry-specific
solutions built on that technology."

"Together or standalone, these products provide extraordinarily powerful
tools for delivering operational and service excellence across the enterprise," added Alan Trefler, chairman and CEO, Pegasystems. "Leveraging Pega’s extensive expertise in financial services, healthcare and ‘smart’ BPM platforms, they will give companies the same ease of use, control and agility over their business processes that the electronic spreadsheet provided for their financial planning."

The new Pegasystems BPM solutions provide both the strategic direction – a
single Java and XML-based enterprise software platform for efficiently developing, executing and managing decision-intensive BPM applications – as
well as the actual execution, through packaged applications, to help companies genuinely differentiate themselves in the market. The solutions, which leverage Pegasystems’ extensive experience in the financial services and healthcare industries, consolidate decisioning functions once scattered across several departments. They not only enable executives to set broad policies, but also give line managers the flexibility to work within those policies to respond to customer needs quickly, with automated workflows linked to back-office systems.

The first enterprise business process management platform PegaRULES Process Commander V4 is the latest generation of Pegasystems' industry-leading rules-based BPM platform. Built on an enterprise rules engine incorporating patented technology, it provides both practice and process rules in a common package. This critical technological advantage enables large enterprises to use Process Commander to efficiently develop, execute, manage and evolve decision-intensive BPM applications. Among the many benefits of this new-generation software are robust, real-time and analytical reporting, and ease of localization for non-English-speaking markets. Applications are easier to build and change, as well as to integrate into existing infrastructures.

Pega Customer Process Manager is a multi-channel, process-oriented application that provides superior customer service through sophisticated personalization and rapid, one-call service resolution. The product features packaged workflows and business rules that automate complex processes such as issue resolution, complaint management, value-based servicing and fulfilment. Its built-in intelligence optimizes the customer experience by anticipating customer requests based on their histories and the context of the interactions. Sophisticated cross-sell and up-sell capabilities provide not only the ability to present customers with the most appropriate offers, but also provide incremental revenue opportunities. With Pega Customer Process Manager, organizations can reap the benefits of improved customer retention while helping to streamline their service costs.

Pega Quality & Exception Manager is an enterprise-wide management solution that tracks and manages ‘exceptions,’ such as errors, disputes, complaints, risk and compliance issues – transactions that companies today process manually at high cost. It weaves disparate systems and staff into a set of integrated quality processes, helping to deliver improved operations and service excellence. Through the proactive monitoring and management of such rogue transactions, large organizations can turn back-office operations into a source of outstanding customer service, while improving their ability to manage risk and facilitate compliance with internal policies, corporate governance and external regulations, such as Basle II.

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