CityCompass Announces B.I.S.S. 2004 Benchmarking of Corporate Actions Systems and Information Vendors

London, UK 19 February 2004 –CityCompass, the independent facilitator of contemporary market issues affecting the financial services sector, today announced that the Financial Services Industry leading Information vendors will join the benchmarking of Corporate Action vendors.

End users will be able to measure their in house or vendor system functional capabilities against the industry benchmarks set by the Industry User Panel, chaired by George Johnson Director of CityIQ. The benchmarking results will be important to potential buyers of CA systems and in the case of Information Vendors, the leading suppliers of CA information in the global market place.

The objective of the benchmarking event will be to establish which Corporate Actions vendors and Information suppliers meet the industry user requirements and can be considered leaders in their field.

The results will be analysed by Bloor Research, who will be publishing a detailed report on the industry benchmark, which will include their Analysts detailed technical review. The report will be ready for sale around the time of the event in June 2004. Bob McDowell, Financial Director of Bloor Research said “Bloor Research is pleased to be bringing its knowledge and expertise to the CityCompass Benchmarking services adding further value to the service."

Gary Wright, Managing Director of CityCompass said "We have extended the CA benchmarking event this year to include Information vendors to establish which of them are able to meet the user requirements. We are delighted that Bloor Research have partnered with CityCompass to produce the most comprehensive analysis of CA systems and its Information suppliers ever attempted. In addition, there are some exciting changes to the event which will enhance the value to the delegate audience and vendors alike.

Once again our thanks to the industry user panel, which this year has been increased to accommodate ten experts, including representatives from APCIMS and other leading players from the user community, who have given of their time to take part. Further updates on the benchmarking event will be released in due course"

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