Apama (UK) Ltd Launches Latest Intuitive, Trader-based tool to the Capital Markets

Apama Event Modeler Provides Extra Layer of Intelligence and Helps Increase Speed of Response

London, 16 February 2004 – Apama (UK) Limited, pioneer of next-generation Trading Strategy Management (TSM) technologies, today launched the Apama Event Modeler to the global capital markets. Apama’s latest intuitive, trader-based tool – which comprises the Apama Scenario Manager and Dashboard Generator – further enhances the ability of traders to instantly and continuously interact with and amend their e-trading strategies to maximise market opportunities.

Using a simple yet flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI), the Scenario Manager gives traders and heads of desk the freedom to create their own ‘blank canvas’ trading scenarios with live or historical data from any data source or exchange. The Scenario Manager allows users to monitor and interact with their strategies in real-time – changing parameters, creating new instances and displaying reports – giving full control over the nuances of individual trading strategies. Reusable, ‘SmartBlocks’ facilitate real-time pre- and post-trade analytics. Scenario actions can be prioritised according to their importance.

The Dashboard Generator gives web-based access to trading strategies. It provides feed-back and real-time event notification, as well as enabling traders and heads of desk to immediately create new instances: eg VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Pricing) trading; stock correlation and correlation discovery; and statistical arbitrage. Comprehensive reporting dashboards provide heads of desk, compliance and risk personnel with real-time position reporting.

For maximum flexibility the Apama Event Modeler provides full connectivity to Apama’s Trading Strategy Management suite of applications, which conforms to the latest industry standards and is FIX-compliant.

Dr John Bates, Chief Technology Officer, Apama says: "Financial institutions increasingly need to react instantly to changing market conditions and adapt trading strategies accordingly. The Apama Event Modeler simplifies the trading desk within the most complex of environments. The Scenario Manager and Dashboard Generator combine to provide traders with an extra layer of intelligence that will increase their speed of response and enable them to amend their strategies easily and in real-time. In addition, by providing real-time tracking of exposure, Value at Risk (VaR) and other calculations, heads of desks benefit from a complete and composite view of the activities of their traders."

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