Westfalenbank uses BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY

On 27.10.03, Westfalenbank in Bochum (Webo) switched to Eurex release 6.1.
At the same time BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY Eurex went live. This BSP solution
replaces the past interface between Eurex and the bank's securities
back-office system.

BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY enables direct connections to the various securities
trading platforms e.g. Xetra, XONTRO, Eurex and CCP. No need for a data-warehouse system or an MQSeries adapter, since the BSP solution is exhaustive.

A test phase of approximately 3 weeks preceded the production cut-off, in this period the new recovery functionality of the gateway was also appreciated. The BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY has been since then running smoothly.

Contact information:
Véronique Boizard
ACTIS.BSP Germany GmbH
Phone +49 (0) 6022 206-123

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