TRIO Internet Systems Limited, the sister company of Martin Brokers (UK) PLC, is pleased to introduce TRIO Vantage, a new multi-instrument pricing and rate distribution application for money market and foreign exchange traders.

TRIO Vantage is an analytics tool that has been developed to address the needs of today’s trading environment. It continuously monitors and highlights arbitrage opportunities between currencies and instruments for all standard periods.

Instruments covered include Cash Deposits, FRAs (forward rate agreements), IRSs (interest rate swaps), OIS (overnight index swaps) and Foreign Exchange Forwards. The system also incorporates tools for broken date modelling, cash flow analysis and includes a 'Good Business Day' calendar, which is shortly to be marketed separately.

TRIO Vantage provides traders with standard yield curves for each currency allowing prices to be shared between users to ensure that they are identical across all desks, whilst allowing individual users the flexibility to be able to enter their own 'what if' calculations.

All calculated prices and dates may be exported to other applications and to make contributions to data vendors. Standard market practice is used in all calculations so compliance issues such as date and price calculation mismatches which often arise between the back office and individually developed Excel spreadsheets are avoided.

TRIO Internet Systems is the IT solutions arm of Martin Brokers (UK) PLC, both of which are subsidiaries of TRIO Holdings PLC. TRIO Vantage was originally developed by TRIO Internet Systems for use by traders within Martin Brokers (UK) PLC, and the product is now being marketed directly to the international financial community. Trials are already in place with four major international banks.

Greg Stevens Business Development Director at TRIO Internet Systems believes that TRIO Vantage will provide trading organisations with the most up to date software of its kind. He said, "TRIO Vantage has been built drawing upon years of trading experience and utilises the very latest programming techniques to provide fast and accurate information to the trader. Customers of TRIO Internet Systems benefit from the fact that TRIO Vantage has been developed and has evolved in a live trading environment"

"Compliance and risk are ongoing issues in the banking and finance sector, and from a trading perspective I believe that TRIO Vantage will help organisations keep control."

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