Chicago/February 10, 2004: The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and Future Dynamics (FD) are pleased to announce the successful launch of eFills persistent fills application.

Designed to enhance the CBOT’s new electronic trading platform, powered by LIFFE CONNECTâ, eFills provides market users with real-time access to fill data through a secure, high performance web portal. eFills manages fills, independently of a firm’s trading front-end, serving as a contingency system in the event of compromised exchange connectivity.

Future Dynamics developed eFills for the CBOT through the integration of two FD products: Viewpoint, an order matching and allocation engine, and Load&Go, a client web portal. These field-tested components were integrated with the eCBOT’s trade handling system (THS) to produce a robust fill management application, processing over 400,000 trades daily. eFills was released to clients on January 2, 2004, in coordination with the official launch of the CBOT’s new electronic trading platform.

"This project is further testimony to FD’s ability to deliver mission-critical technology in a timely manner," comments Steve Grob, CEO of Future Dynamics. "By coordinating with CBOT staff on an interactive prototype, FD was able to customize a proven product platform, which addressed the specific needs of the CBOT."

Bryan Durkin, Chief Operating Officer of the CBOT said, "We are very pleased with the performance of eFills. The application was created in response to customer requests for real-time information on their fills, which is exactly what eFills provides through an easily accessible browser-based program. eFills has been well received by our customers, as they are benefiting from the constantly updated information available through their desktops."

CBOT will continue to enhance the value of its electronic trading service through later releases of eFills.

Mark Bohannon, Senior Vice President of Future Dynamics concludes, "Given FD’s workflow centric approach to product development, FD is continually in the position to rapidly service the business needs of major financial institutions through technology. We are very pleased with the success of the CBOT project and look forward to future endeavors."

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