PolarLake releases the PolarLake Integration Suite V3.2; delivering XML & Web Services based Incremental Integration

(February 9th, 2004) PolarLake(tm), a leader in standards based incremental integration today announced the release of Version 3.2 of the PolarLake Integration Suite. The PolarLake Integration Suite consists of the PolarLake JIntegrator (The Universal Enterprise Service Bus), the PolarLake Database Integrator and the PolarLake Messaging Integrator; also available are the PolarLake Adapters, integrating with a wide-range of enterprise applications including SAP®, Siebel and PeopleSoft®.

PolarLake's suite of products allows organizations to incrementally solve their integration problems at greatly reduced cost and risk. It does this by making it straightforward to build and deploy integration logic that receives, creates, validates, enriches, transforms, routes and processes XML and Web Services. The PolarLake Integration Suite delivers:

Technology integration with PolarLake's Dynamic XML Runtime(tm), which provides a highly scalable, high performance runtime server that integrates with enterprise infrastructure such as queuing systems, management infrastructure and legacy applications.

Business integration with PolarLake's data-centric XML Circuits(tm) approach, which allows developers and business users to rapidly deliver new solutions with minimum disruption to existing systems and maximum leverage of existing assets and skills.

Unique tools that leverage existing skills to provide an intuitive XML-centric environment, support the software life cycle and are based exclusively on open standards. PolarLake's intuitive and graphical tools allow customers and solution partners to rapidly become self sufficient and capable of delivering the most complex projects.
Version 3.2 adds significant new functionality including:

Extended support for non-XML data including application formats such as Microsoft® Word and Excel
Support for additional security mechanisms such as encryption / decryption, digital signatures and digital signature verification
Enhancements to the PolarLake development environment including graphical mapping between XML documents and EJBs and extended debugging and testing features Ronan Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, PolarLake said "PolarLake's focus is on delivering to our customers the benefits of standards based incremental integration with products that readily leverage existing IT investments, reduce investment costs while dramatically decreasing project 'time to market'. In the final quarter of 2003, I was delighted to see PolarLake based solutions go into production in major financial services and government projects across the US, Europe and Japan. Version 3.2 of the PolarLake Integration Suite reaffirms our commitment to solving real-world problems with leading edge products."

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