Nationwide Building Society utilise flexibility of Level Four's products for
ongoing expansion of smart ATMs

London, 9 February 2004 - Level Four Software, the leading provider of ATM test and development software today announced that Nationwide Building Society is extending the use of Level Four's ATM Channel Development Suite to test the advanced functionality of its 'FASTTill ' ATMs. Nationwide required a solution to improve testing schedules and reduce costs as it continues to deploy 'FAST Till' ATMs throughout its branch network. In conjunction with Nationwide, Level Four has developed two new products, Bunch Note Acceptor plug-in and Cheque Processing Module plug-in, to meet the Building Society's testing needs.

Nationwide's network of 'FAST Till' ATMs are providing customers with four new services: an automated bunch note cash deposit service which links directly to the card holder's account so cash is instantly credited; an intelligent cheque deposit service that provides a scanned image of the cheque on the customer receipt; cheque issuance for bankers draft dispensing and passbook printing.

Nationwide already uses Level Four's tools to test its ATM network functionality and has extended support to include its 'FAST Till' machines. Level Four and Nationwide have been working closely together to develop the Bunch Note Acceptor and Cheque Processing Module - two new plug-in modules to Level Four's ATM Channel Development Suite. These modules provide effective testing capability for Nationwide's advanced self-service banking ATMs that sit alongside traditional ATMs based in branch lobby environments.

The actual behaviour of the 'FAST Till' ATMs is replicated through software
modelling in Level Four's tool set. The unique scripting capabilities of the software architecture means it can emulate the 'personality' of the new smart ATMs and thoroughly test each area of functionality. The flexibility of the software also means that integrating new and evolving functionality into testing schedules can happen with relative ease, without impacting ongoing testing overheads.

Each of these advanced services entail serious testing implications for Nationwide, particularly the real-time services such as the cash deposit service which link directly to the cardholder's account. Any potential fault scenarios will have an impact on customer service levels. Level Four's software tests every aspect of the customer's interaction with the ATM, and every aspect of the ATM's interaction with the bank's core banking systems, for complete end-to-end security.

Kevin Scott-Evans, self service banking controller, at Nationwide comments, "The 'FAST Till' ATMs introduce a new level of physical interaction with the customer, therefore it's imperative these services are one hundred per cent secure. Level Four's approach using a virtual testing environment enables
us to test different case scenarios, some of which would be next to impossible to emulate in reality. Working closely with such a forward-thinking technology company helps us to remain at the forefront of retail banking services in the UK."

Martin Macmillan, CEO, Level Four Software adds, "Nationwide is leading the way in the UK for the introduction of multi-function ATMs. Level Four's ATM Channel Development Suite is architected in a way that means we are able to adapt to market developments very quickly. In turn, allowing Nationwide to respond to new technological challenges and implement hardware and software changes across their country-wide ATM network, with speed and confidence."

If you are interested in learning more about Level Four's Bunch Note Acceptor and Cheque Processing Module, or for information on existing products within the ATM Channel Development Suite, please visit the updated Level Four website.

For information, contact:
Rebecca Hennessy/Alexandra Kedward
Tel: +44 (0)20 7 959 5400

Martin Macmillan
Tel: +44 (0)20 7661 9322

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