Almonde Basel II in a Box

Dec 1, 2004 - Almonde, introduces the "Basel II in a box" approach based on an integrated but open and transparent platform, smoothly interfacing with banks’ systems and partners’ extension modules to deliver hassle-free full Basel II compliance in the most cost-effective manner.

Almonde, leader in risk management software solutions, recognizes that while there is no one-size-fits-all solution for Basel II systems, most banks struggle to put together all the components required to deliver on the Accord’s requirements in a robust and efficient manner: data extraction and mapping, PD/LGD mining and modelling, capital and RWA calculations, scenarios and reporting, feedback into bank’s systems.

So far point solution providers were mostly focusing on the big decentralized banks segment, leaving mid-size establishments in the dark for complete integrated but open and flexible solutions. This time is over.

To facilitate customers’ decision making and ensure they get long-term value for their money, Almonde has developed the "Basel II in a box" approach, an integrated but open, transparent, partnership-oriented concept providing banks with all the pre-packaged core functionalities they need to be fully compliant quickly while smoothly interfacing with legacy systems as well as with third-party modules to perform specific modelling or analytical tasks.

Furthermore, the "box" can be expanded to include other Almonde risk management products: ALM, IAS 39 and FTP, sharing the same data model and scenario engine. This approach guarantees short term and long term value.

Transparent and auditable, the Almonde "Basell II in a box" approach is fully compliant, robust & adaptable, smart & powerful and user-friendly.

Almonde includes 64 standard regulatory reports easily produced in a few clicks through secured pre-configured processes. Thanks to a robust, scalable three-tier architecture and multi-processing capabilities, Almonde is able to manage large amount of data efficiently.

The newly released Trace Report adds even more transparency and auditability to the system. This powerful reporting module details all calculations step by step linking each result to a specific paragraph of the Accord.

Through a series of partnerships such as the one with KXEN (PD/LGD modelling), Almonde customers are free and confident to select the modelling approach of their choice while benefiting from the robustness and the analytical power of the Almonde integrated platform.

Almonde calculation and scenario engine, combined with the Almonde Data Model provide exceptional analytical power through an amazingly sleek and simple hypercube interface.

Particularly well adapted to middle market, the Almonde "Basel II in a box" approach guarantees customers to benefit today from full Basel II compliance while preparing for future extension of their risk management system in the most cost-effective manner.

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