AQR Capital Management Switches to Axioma for Portfolio Optimization. PortfolioPrecision Software Used for Hedge Fund Strategies

NEW YORK, August 5, 2004 - Axioma, Inc. today announced that AQR Capital
Management, LLC, one of the nation’s leading hedge funds, has migrated to
Axioma’s PortfolioPrecision® software to construct and rebalance its portfolios in a variety of investment vehicles. AQR had used a number of other optimization
products for several years before switching to PortfolioPrecision because of its speed, ease of use, and the high level of service provided by Axioma’s staff.

"Axioma is fast and versatile with an intuitive API that we have easily incorporated into our quantitative investment framework," said Ronen Israel, Vice President, AQR.
"In addition to providing us with all of the basic building blocks for our portfolio construction process, Axioma's customer support gives us unlimited access to their management, research, and sales staff. The manner of Axioma's responses to our queries has made it clear to us that Axioma is driven by the specific needs of clients."

AQR has had "extremely productive" discussions with Axioma's research staff
concerning financial optimization, yielding "a great deal of insight," Mr. Israel noted. "We look forward to continuing the rewarding relationship as a customer of Axioma's optimization software."

Sebastián Ceria, President & CEO of Axioma, said that AQR’s decision to switch to PortfolioPrecision software further validates the need for better financial optimization software in the market. "With Axioma’s advanced technology, investment managers can control risks more effectively than they could in the past," Dr. Ceria added.
"AQR, in fact, makes excellent use of PortfolioPrecision, crafting sophisticated
investment strategies that unlock alpha while better managing risk."

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