Treasurynet CFF – Cash Flow Forecasting on the Net

Treasurynet Limited today announces the release of the latest version of CFF, its web based Cash Flow Forecasting tool. Designed to run standalone or as an integrated part of the Treasurynet product set, CFF eliminates the problems and risks associated with spreadsheets whilst retaining flexibility and ease of use.

Geoffrey Corston, Managing Director Treasurynet said, 'CFF enables an organisation to improve its cash flow forecasting practices. By including forecasts in cash balance projections, CFF enables the Treasurer to more accurately identify future surpluses and shortfalls, which in turn can lead to better investment and borrowing decisions. '

Introducing CFF, Paul Constantinou, Head of Sales Treasurynet identified the following key benefits: 'A major benefit of using web based technologies is that information can be collected from all locations, no matter how remote, with no special software. Forecasts are submitted through templates of payment/receipt categories and time periods defined by the Treasurer. CFF automatically consolidates all the individual forecasts and, if required, will also automatically include bank balances and the principal and interest flows generated by treasury transactions. Forecasts may be set up on a continuously rolling basis where future forecasts can be revised and the revisions tracked.'

Geoffrey Corston went on to say, 'Unlike some of our legacy 'stand-alone' or 'lan-based' competitors, our products are distinguished by having been designed from the ground up to be fully scaleable across a number of technical environments. The systems can operate successfully and securely on a standalone computer, a departmental workgroup / company lan, a multinational wan / intranet or the world-wide web. Importantly the system will maintain optimum performance regardless of its operating environment.'

Treasurynet products:

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