Online courses on developing automated models enable the use of MS Excel for interactive trading and analysis.

24 August, 2004
San Jose, California, USA, an online financial education provider, has rolled out its first web-based education offering, a suite of courses and tools on building automated trading models in Microsoft Excel.'s first product offering is intended to fulfill the under-served need for courses in technical Excel development, bridging the gap between expensive technical analysis software packages and simple spreadsheets. The course and tool suite makes Wall Street Excel modeling skills available for the first time to all securities market participants.

Features and Benefits of the Courses
- Learn to integrate Excel, VBA, formulas, and real-time data feeds into profitable trading tools.
- Acquire unique knowledge applicable to any Excel modeling or analysis project.
- Save money by eliminating recurring software costs.
- Calculate indicator values and trading signals on hundreds of securities within seconds.
- Increase sytem auditability by using open-source formulas and eliminating "black box" systems.

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