Clearly documented process centered around public relations, lead creation, and sales initiatives for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs

Miami, FL (August 15, 2004) -- Metrics Partners, a market clarity firm focused exclusively on the investment technology market, today announced its latest paper entitled "GROWTH INNOVATIONS FOR SMALL INVESTMENT TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES" is now available. The document is available at the Metrics Partners website and other industry partner portals including Bobsguide.

Kevin Adams, Metrics Partners’ President stated, "Many small and early-stage investment technology companies need help getting their product message to the marketplace without any real idea of what to do. Although we are in the business of supporting our clients in this manner, many other firms want to do it themselves. This report clearly states what to focus on and more importantly, in what order. We know it works because we use the same methodology for clients and ourselves.

Part of the Metrics Partners strategy is to show entrepreneurs many of whom are technologists that competing for market presence against the industry leaders is possible, effective, and affordable. "Incumbents in many cases are vulnerable now as they focus on low share prices, angry clients, and sales force turnover. Executives that leverage their own speed to market, superior customer service, and advanced technologies can compete quite effectively as long as buyers know who they are," stated Adams.

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