WMS clients clock up 100,000 hours active use of Fairs Manager on the Web.

WMS (Wealth Management Software plc) is celebrating the accumulation of 100,000 hours of service clocked up by IFA's using the online version of their Fairs Manager software. This landmark comes exactly two years on from when the service was first pioneered.

WMS and their hosting partners In2itive Business Group now provide access to
the Fairs Manager software suite to IFAs both in the UK and overseas. In the
two years since the service was made available, IFA's have clocked up over
100,000 hours of secure, live, active system use from their offices and homes.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any type of Internet connection - eradicating the restrictions usually associated with
office network based software applications. The main drive behind the initial project was the flexibility element, to free the IFA from the office and to lessen the burden of IT administration.

Commenting on the landmark usage figure, Jeff Lenton, Director of In2itive
Business Group said:

"This has been a hugely successful UK and international ASP project by WMS and In2itive. IFA's have really taken to the flexibility of an ASP based service for the Fairs Manager on the Web software, safe in the knowledge that they are using a resilient, reliable and secure service. Certainly the proven partnership of WMS and In2itive Business Group is one that more and more IFA's are choosing to rely upon, and after two years of service and over 100,000 active Internet IFA hours of operations, WMS has the most outstanding pedigree for its ASP based back-office administration and client database system."

Gary Sawyer, Managing Director of WMS Financial Adviser Services said:

"At the birth of the concept, Fairs - as the company was known back then - chose to outsource the hosting service in order to ensure that the highest degree of security and reliability was obtained for clients and a professional and robust service was therefore at the top of the agenda. Before the partnership was sealed, In2itive and Fairs worked together to 'prove' the system. The resilience of the application, the security of the service and the overall performance were all finely-tuned and perfected prior to project release which paid dividends as the first roll-out went exactly to plan and without hitch".

Sawyer continued:

'Throughout my ten year involvement with the Fairs product, it has increasingly become a case of 'We lead, others follow'. This may sound confident in the extreme but when it comes to launching technology that is actually useable and sustainable I genuinely believe that that Fairs software solutions have always been way out in front'.

'Fairs were the first to produce a robust, Windows based, back office application, the first to offer EDI commission services, the first to offer a back office link with EMX and the first to have a live ASP service - and there are various other examples I could mention.'

'The hosted version of Fairs Manager has been a fantastic success and I have no doubt that our IFA clients will continue to migrate from their server based applications and choose the most efficient and longest established ASP solution - Fairs Manager On The Web from WMS'.

For further information regarding Fairs ASP solutions from WMS please contact Gary Sawyer on 0191 245 2000

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