Services are a must says StorageTek's new guide to implementing ILM & enterprise storage solutions

~ Only 3 steps are needed to ensure complex enterprise storage solutions run
smoothly and achieve 5 key benefits~

Implementing enterprise storage solutions is less complex than data centre managers think - all data centre managers need to remember is to choose a vendor which has a Services offering. Whilst some vendors sell products and give little after sales support, a new guide, launched by StorageTek today, gives data centre managers three simple steps that they should follow to ensure a smooth implementation.

1. Get it right - the first time

Services help to achieve the full benefits of the storage solution investments - right from the start. They should draw on consistent, repeatable best-practice methodologies that must have been proven worldwide. In addition Services should be delivered by professionals who have the expertise, experience, certifications and change management tools needed for worry-free implementations. Mark Maby, Global Services Business Manager - StorageTek UK said "Expertise is the key to ensuring smooth implementation and integration that can accompany major system changes. Major change should be run by project managers who have years of experience in solving business and technical IT challenges. This should be supported by additional assistance, as required, from a worldwide pool of experts, it's the only way that a solution can be efficiently and effectively implemented"

2. Keep the focus on your work

Chances are, data centre staff are already seriously overworked. So why add to the burden? When using Services, in house staff members are then free to concentrate on the work they do to meet the normal organisation's operational and revenue goals. When it comes time for the handover, the services professionals provide knowledge transfer to staff members. This gives the in house team the ability to provide ongoing optimisation of the solution with repeatable processes and efficient operating techniques.

3. Choose your ideal service

Services are available across the storage environment for example for tape and tape automation, disk, storage networking, software and library management products. Service tiers are usually designed to fit any project size, complexity and budget. Data Centre managers should choose the right tier to fit their implementation. StorageTek offer several, clearly defined types of tiering.

Mark Maby, added "It's a complex undertaking to implement an enterprise storage solution in a heterogeneous environment. Superior implementations result from a solid project plan, specific technical skills, real-world experience, and knowledge of integration issues and configuration options. Implementation Services from StorageTek® deliver all of this in three steps."

The five key benefits from following the 3 step rule:

Minimise interoperability problems

Validate that hardware and software products work together before implementing a solution
Reduce downtime

Avoid painful disruptions and minimise the chaos associated with scheduled or unscheduled downtime.
Avoid hiring under pressure

Skip costly and time-consuming efforts to find skilled resources under aggressive time scales.
Reduce risk

Select the right service to achieve the results you want. Know that proven implementation methodologies used by professionals, such as StorageTek, will expedite results and satisfaction.
Accelerate ROI

Achieve the benefits of new technology sooner by expediting the implementation and availability of your new technology.

Engage the storage experts

StorageTek Services provide world-class, worldwide service and support with a full range of offerings tailored to meet your business needs. More than 2,300 service professionals in over 50 countries deliver solutions that support more than 17,000 customer data centres worldwide. Our services help you service your customers, manage growth, reduce your management burden and maximise your return on investment. To find out more about Implementation Services and other StorageTek Services, contact StorageTek.

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