Enterprise Portal: Ten times the performance, one-tenth the cost

InteQuest announces the availability of a proven innovative portal with
patented security that delivers web services directly from IBM's mainframe CICS. InteQuest's EAGLE Portal provides single-point access for all
systems in the enterprise; both public and secured private portal needs
at the same time. The portal includes many features over and above the secure single point sign-on; from HIPPA compliant messaging to user specific
menus to communication with wireless devices.

The portal is supported by InteQuest's EAGLE development environment.
EAGLE transitions your enterprise applications and data into HTML, XML or user specified data streams. The EAGLE development tool is a mature tool delivering
web services since 1997. It is currently installed in 4 locations
delivering thousands of web pages a day. Interfaces are available for PeopleSoft, Siemens Medical Systems, SPEEDIE, XML, HL7 and more.

The EAGLE Portal is a fast, low cost, effective solution that provides a robust configurable portal and development tools for dynamic real-time processing. It supports thousands of concurrent secured users with sub-second response.
Not many portals can compare and certainly not at our price.

Just think, you can get direct, secure, high performance Internet access to enterprise data and transactions, without middleware or gateways at far less than current prices.

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