Brussels - Reuters (LSE: RTR) today announced that Carl Kliem Luxembourg, one of Europe's biggest voice brokers, will be taking Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) at their head offices Luxembourg to replace its current Triarch infrastructure.

RMDS manages financial content in real-time across trading environments and will be deployed by the broker to feed both their desktop users and their business-critical internal pricing engine. Prices from this engine will be distributed to internal and external users using Reuters data transformation and contribution technology.

Kevin Moody, Managing Director at Carl Kliem, comments: "Reuters is a well- established long term partner, who has proven its ability to understand the needs of a voice broker by proposing a solution that perfectly matches the increasing needs of our traders. Putting RMDS at the centre of our operations provides us with a tailored solution with added benefits for our end users."

Peter Lankford, Head of Marketing for Enterprise Information Solutions at Reuters, comments: "By moving to RMDS, Carl Kliem with a will benefit from the wide range of options that RMDS offers for distributing data throughout the enterprise. Another essential benefit is the continued support of the bank's existing applications, through the Triarch compatibility features of RMDS."

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