Bangkok -Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Thailand's largest
state bank has signed an agreement with Reuters (LSE: RTR), the global
information company, to implement an online foreign exchange portal
using Reuters Electronic Trading - Automated Dealing service (RET-AD).

Krung Thai Bank, which already has a Reuters real-time straight through
processing risk system, is now planning for seamless integration of
Reuters new automated dealing offering within its Treasury operation to
provide its customers with automated FX prices and trading capability.

RET-AD will be installed by third quarter 2004, and this leading-edge
technology will enable Krung Thai Bank's customers to conduct FX and
money market transactions in a real-time environment over the Internet.
Its corporate customers will be able to trade on real-time foreign
exchange prices by accessing the Bank's website from any standard
internet browser on their bank's internal systems. Krung Thai will be
the first bank in Thailand to install RET-AD.
Krung Thai Bank, listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange, has 620 domestic
and six overseas branches from which it provides financial assistance to
many businesses including corporates and state enterprises.
Pongsathorn Siriyodhin, First Senior Executive Vice President, Krung
Thai Bank, said: "With the successful implementation of both Reuters
electronic FX trading system and risk solution, the bank is able to
automate a significant percentage of its FX transactions. When
interfaced to the bank's front and mid-office risk systems, the bank
will be able to see all its positions marked to market in real-time.
This is a process of change to become more competitive, to modernize our
banking technology, improve internal risk controls and customer

Eddie Haddad, managing director, Reuters Asean said, "Krung Thai Bank,
one of Thailand's leading banks, has the vision and the strategy to grow
their existing and new treasury products whilst at the same time
minimising operating costs. We are confident that the RET-AD solution
can meet a wide variety of their customer needs in establishing Internet
FX trading systems. Reuters ET-AD is recognised for its high performance
in such areas as high transaction speed and has already been deployed in
major banks worldwide. It also has the ability to tailor the solution to
meet domestic requirements."

With proper customer segmentation and market focus, banks can remove the
huge cost associated with "price negotiation" by ensuring that their
executable prices are margin adjusted based on the customer, the
currency pair and the volume transacted.

Reuters Electronic Trading for Automated Dealing supports both deployed
and hosted services as well as the outsourcing of the pricing of foreign
exchange transactions. Banks can use these capabilities to offer their
partner banks around the world the ability to create their own branded
electronic FX services and minimise the investment required to lower
their operational costs.

The Reuters Automated Dealing Technologies group has provided Automated
Dealing Technologies solutions to over 60 leading global financial
institutions including ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Bank of New York,
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, UBS and recently
Resona Bank in Japan.

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