EAI Industry Consortium Explains Why File Transfer is Back in Fashion with the End-User Community

London, UK 7 October 2003 - The EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Industry Consortium today announced the release of a new White Paper which explores the renewed interest in File Transfer as part of a modern EAI strategy.

File Transfer (the exchange of file-based information between different IT systems) has previously been thought of as old technology. It was also considered to have little value in the modern world of integration where business process flows seem to offer much greater flexibility and an IT implementation that more closely matches the business needs; there have even been claims that 'file transfer is dead'. However, through recent research in the end-user community, the EAI Industry Consortium has discovered that File Transfer is actually enjoying a renewed focus and lease of life.

Companies are realising that File Transfer is a major part of legacy operations and therefore must be taken into account in any integration thinking, but in addition it has become clear that it offers other specific benefits. As a result, many organisations are now adopting EAI strategies that fully incorporate File Transfer as a key component in achieving optimum integration benefits, namely:

- Reduced business risk
- Increasing speed to market for new services
- Enabling new business opportunities quickly
- Return on Investment

The author of the paper, Steve Craggs, the Consortium's Vice Chair for Europe, comments "This paper discusses the revival in fortune of File Transfer and offers end-users advice when considering this as part of the overall EAI strategy. We hope that our members will use the advice in this paper to maximise their current investments and reap the benefits that come with File Transfer."

For further information please contact:
Julie Bower
Tel: 0044 20 7665 1636

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