- BT and Syntegra show how next-generation network solutions make the virtual trading organisation a reality -

London and New York, 30 October, 2003 - BT, a leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, today announced that it is working with its systems integration arm, Syntegra, to showcase The Agile Bank for the first time in the US. To demonstrate this new concept, BT is holding an event for key decision makers within the global financial markets from 16.30-18.30 on Thursday, 6 November at The Reuters Building, 3 Times Square, New York.

At the event, industry experts such as Larry Tabb, CEO, The Tabb Group, will discuss how technology can help to create the virtual trading organisation, freeing key personnel and resources from geographical constraints. In addition, Syntegra will unveil a revolutionary new device - a multimedia communications interface to the virtual trading organisation - which will be available to customers in 2004.

Speaking about The Agile Bank concept, Steve Eungblut, general manager, BT Global Financial Markets, explains: "The constantly changing business landscape means that financial organisations need to be proactive in finding new revenue sources while simultaneously reducing cost and risk. Through a number of customer focused propositions we are helping our clients to meet these challenges and become more agile. Customers are choosing BT because we can deliver global communications and IT solutions, including managed networks, IT applications, systems integration and outsourcing. At the heart of these propositions is BT's open architecture, which is based on IP infrastructure and applications on demand."

BT and Syntegra will showcase a number of the latest developments within The Agile Bank, including trader voice solutions delivered over BT's global MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network, taking advantage of Voice over IP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). BT is the only company in the world who can deliver end-to-end trader voice applications over global MPLS, an "applications-aware" IP Virtual Private Network.
BT's global MPLS network provides IP connectivity to customers,
enabling fast and flexible provision of service to new customers and new
markets. It will enable remote Syntegra turrets in New York to connect to a
voice trading platform in London. Using MPLS in this way, firms can now
realise significant improvements to business continuity options and deploy
resilient, distributed solutions across the globe.
SIP is an emerging method for initiating and controlling communications
between users in an IP environment. BT and Syntegra are pioneering the use
of this technology in the trading room giving users freedom to communicate
consistently with customers, colleagues and trading partners using a variety
of devices such as PCs, turrets or PDAs - and communication channels such as
voice, instant messaging and email - regardless of where they or the
customer are located.
Rod MacDonald, managing director of trading systems, Syntegra, said:
"With operational risk, business continuity and flexible working high on the
agenda, financial services firms need the ability to adapt swiftly in
today's markets. The Agile Bank demonstrates how firms can streamline their
operations and take advantage of the latest technology to increase revenues,
improve staff productivity and ensure competitive advantage."


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