INSTEC’s QuickSolver® Web Client and Web Services available for immediate delivery … extensions provide native web browser and collection of web services

Redmond, WA, October 27, 2003: From the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington and in conjunction with the annual TechDEC Exposition & Conference, Commercial P&C insurance software provider INSTEC introduced the latest additions to their proven QuickSolver® software solution. Available for immediate delivery, the new QuickSolver Web Client and Web Services provide:
- A native web browser for all seven major P&C commercial lines supported by INSTEC
- A collection of web services that enable INSTEC solutions to be controlled programmatically by external software

The QuickSolver Web Client is a browser interface that can be easily customized at the XML data level to fit a diverse group of users. In addition, both the native Windows and Web browser interfaces can be presented simultaneously, giving clients flexibility in their software deployment plans.

The new QuickSolver Web Services are packaged as part of the Revision 2.0 release of INSTEC’s Integration Extensions (IE), first introduced in 1999. With 30 installations to date, INSTEC’s IE is a sophisticated utility that allows for bi-directional data and control communication between QuickSolver and a variety of third party and legacy software. The enhanced 2.0 release of IE includes a collection of web services that enable:
- QuickSolver rating software to be controlled programmatically by external 3rd party or legacy software without user intervention
- QuickSolver software to control other web services
- QuickSolver to guide external software in its interaction with the user to perform rating and policy administration that is compliant with an insurance provider’s filed programs

Pat Walsh, Vice President with INSTEC, commented, "We have long believed that the best solutions for insurance providers are those that allow them the flexibility to customize for their unique business models, while also offering a foundation to build on. QuickSolver was originally designed with a commitment to high-functionality, extensive-flexibility, and a system that would stand the test of time. And, these latest extensions to our solution are representative of our unwavering commitment to our original vision. INSTEC users can still take full advantage of their existing INSTEC solutions, while gaining the advantages offered through the newest technologies enabled by the Web and easily integrating to other Best-of-Breed solutions for a more streamlined end-to-end insurance process."

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