"Back to School" with SunGard‘s AudiTrack:

SunGard‘s AudiTrack Online Trading Simulation System Gives University Students Realistic, Risk-Free Futures Trading Experience

CHICAGO, IL – October 27, 2003 – SunGard Futures Systems, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), announced today that Loyola University, Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Nebraska-Lincoln have adopted the AudiTrack real-time simulated futures trading system as part of their course curricula of undergraduate and graduate studies on futures and options trading. Using continuous price feeds from live futures exchanges worldwide, AudiTrack enables students and professional traders to trade under the pressures of a live market with a high level of real-world accuracy, yet without any of the capital risk.

"Since 1993, AudiTrack has helped thousands of students and professional traders understand futures trading and further hone their skills, and we are pleased to continue to provide this valuable learning tool to some of the country’s finest universities," said Steve Auerbach, president of SunGard Futures Systems. "AudiTrack is distinctive in the education market because it uses real-time pricing information and a proprietary set of liquidity models to ensure the most realistic trading scenario possible, thereby providing a more enriched learning environment."

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