Alphametrics completes re-branding and refocus

Alphametrics announces the results of a major re-branding exercise. Francis Cripps, CEO, explains the company’s completely new approach to delivering real value to financial institutions.

Alphametrics is an independent financial software solution provider to banks and other financial institutions as well as government departments. Alphametrics has been a package software vendor for over 15 years but we feel this business model is close to the end of its life cycle. The market is saturated with package vendors but very few are true solution providers. Alphametrics has spent over three months defining a new solution provider model. We firmly believe our value proposition offers unmatched long-term value for organisations looking for financial software.

Alphametrics solutions are built from the most suitable combination of any of four elements:

1. Proprietary or third-party (partner) package offerings
2. Proprietary or partner tools/technology platforms/toolkits
3. Custom development of components, interfaces and middleware
4. Retention of existing system; improvements to workflow, functionality and processes

Alphametrics specialises in providing bespoke solutions based on our extensive experience of selling package software since the mid 1980s. And, our trump card is our regional expertise – something we believe is absolutely crucial for customer satisfaction. Alphametrics invites financial institutions to visit the Alphametrics Financial Software Solutions website to find out more information or contact our offices.

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