London, 22 October 2003 - Syntegra today announced that it is partnering with Voice Integrated Products (VIP) to offer new voice messaging capability designed to meet the demands of the investment banking market. Syntegra's new Voice Messenger product integrates VIP's advanced messaging services with Syntegra's ITS turrets and industry PBXs to enable real-time, premium quality, personalised messages to be delivered to clients via voicemail.

Voice Messenger can save considerable time, enabling users to continue with
their next call while the first voicemail is still being dropped, so that
several different messages can be delivered concurrently. This is particularly useful in busy markets, increasing user productivity and meeting client needs by delivering the right message to them at the right time - and yet still providing the personal service clients expect.

Ben Fursman, head of sales, EMEA, for trading systems at Syntegra, aid: "Sales, researchers and analysts need to advise clients quickly and efficiently on market developments on a frequent, often daily basis. By partnering with VIP, Syntegra's new Voice Messenger capability removes the need for users to repeat specific market data or information on opportunities to each client. They can now pre-record a number of messages and deliver the most relevant one into a client's voicemail, personalising the start of the message so the recipient feels they have had pertinent personal advice."

An additional benefit is that the quality of messages being delivered to voicemail is generally clear and concise because they have been pre-recorded. Any reduction in quality caused by repetition is avoided.

Nevil Coleman, marketing director at VIP, said: "VIP provides advanced telephone call handling and messaging services for many diverse markets. By
integrating with Syntegra's proven voice trading technology, we look forward to extending the benefits of our technology to investment banking professionals across the financial markets."

Using Voice Messenger, traders or sales staff can pre-record a series of messages prior to contacting a list of clients, for example, after a morning strategy meeting. When calling their daily client list, on detection of voicemail, the trader can initiate the selected recording, including an optional personalised introduction. The message is seamlessly delivered to the client as if it had been spoken. When the recorded message starts, the caller drops out and dials the next client number on their list. From the client's perspective, the message will appear to have been personally delivered. Maintaining regular contact, by personalised voicemail or by phone, allows clients to respond to market opportunities with the latest information to hand.

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