Aspelle Adds Powerful New Capabilities to Aspelle Everywhere

Now Offers the Only SSL VPN Solution with Application-Level Authentication
- Latest Release of Aspelle Everywhere Brings Even More Security, Flexibility and Manageability to Customers

LONDON, May 6, 2003 - Aspelle, the SSL VPN software leader, today announced
a new version of Aspelle Everywhere, its award-winning SSL VPN software
platform. Aspelle Everywhere is now the first SSL VPN solution to deliver
application-level authentication, as well as multi-domain support within
Microsoft Active Directory. The latest version of Aspelle Everywhere also
adds a number of other key enhancements, including out-of-the-box portal
functionality, dynamic password synchronization, instant intranet support,
powerful relay server session monitoring and improved performance.

"The last few months have been very exciting for us. As the high marks and
'market visionary' ranking we recently received from Gartner, Inc. on the
SSL VPN 1H03 Magic Quadrant clearly show, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 firmly
established our leadership position in the market, particularly in relation
to other software vendors," said Mark Turner, CEO of Aspelle. "The new
features in this follow-on release demonstrate that we are continuing to
drive innovation in the SSL VPN industry."

With its powerful, three-tier security model, completely centralised
management and flexible and comprehensive access capabilities, Aspelle
Everywhere is unmatched by any other SSL VPN solution. Aspelle Everywhere
delivers flexible and highly secure access to all corporate applications,
including Web, UNIX, Windows and legacy systems, without compromising
manageability. And, because of its software-based architecture, Aspelle
Everywhere enables organisations to maximise existing IT investments,
including other access solutions, such as dial-up systems or traditional
VPNs. Moreover, Aspelle Everywhere doesn't require client-side software,
dedicated appliances, re-architecture of existing systems, application
re-engineering or significant hardware expenditure.

Application-Level Authentication
With this latest release, Aspelle Everywhere is now the first SSL VPN
solution to deliver authentication at the application level, allowing
customers to easily and cost effectively restrict access to applications
based on a particular type of authentication. This gives businesses more
flexibility and control over the security of individual applications, and
the context in which users can access them. It also ensures that extremely
sensitive applications, such as human resources or financial databases, are
only accessed with the appropriate security precautions. Other solutions can
only provide this capability at the gateway, which is much more expensive
and time-consuming to maintain.

Active Directory Multi-Domain Support
Aspelle Everywhere now also supports authorisation, authentication and
single signon for users and resources across multiple domains within
Microsoft Active Directory. This unique capability enables full support for
global Active Directory implementations, and allows user objects in one
domain to be easily permissioned to access resource objects in a different

Aspelle Everywhere's comprehensive and seamless integration with Active
Directory also allows customers to easily extend existing Active Directory
user profiles to include remote access capabilities, dramatically reducing
implementation time and costs. And with easy-to-use management consoles
delivered as Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins, Aspelle Everywhere
provides a consistent and intuitive user interface for all tasks,
eliminating the need for additional staff training as well as the ongoing
administrative burden of another proprietary interface.

'Out-of-the-Box' Portal Capabilities
The latest version of Aspelle Everywhere also comes pre-packaged with portal
functionality. This new feature is ideal not only for organisations that
want to leverage existing portal capabilities, but for those that want
simple, out-of-the-box deployment. The standard portal framework features
basic log-on using the standard Aspelle Everywhere username and password
log-on provider; a user-centric design, which lists only resources users are
permissioned to access; and automatic resource launching.

Compatible with any portal, Aspelle Everywhere comes with standard
installation and configuration settings so it is easy to set-up, configure
and customise in Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft InterDev. When used with
Microsoft SharePoint Team Services, Aspelle Everywhere automatically uses
the same style as configured in the SharePoint portal.

Dynamic Password Synchronisation
In addition, Aspelle Everywhere now features single sign-on self-management
capabilities, enabling users to enter their username and password only once
to securely access all applications requiring the same authentication
information. All user log-on information is automatically captured by
Aspelle Everywhere and written to the Microsoft Active Directory. As a
result, users are able to seamlessly access other applications that would
normally require them to log on each time (with the same username and
password) for the duration of their session. This significantly reduces the
administration burden found in other access solutions, which typically use
external password management systems.

Secure Intranet Access
Aspelle Everywhere now also offers secure, instant access to intranets,
further expanding the scope of access organisations can deliver to users.
Aspelle Everywhere's new embedded URL transformer enables authorised remote
users to easily access intranet sites via the Internet, without requiring
any changes to the existing site. And since Aspelle Everywhere's embedded
URL transformer feature is based on Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA)
Web Publishing Rules, it is easy to use, configure and implement.

Relay Server Session Monitoring
The latest version of Aspelle Everywhere also delivers real-time monitoring
of the Aspelle Everywhere Relay Server. Administrators now have a single
view of TCP/IP connections into the internal network, and can easily monitor
all user access to Citrix, Windows Terminal Services and Telnet services
from the Internet. As a result, potential problems can be identified
immediately and administrators can terminate dangerous sessions instantly.
Delivered through an extension to the ISA Server MMC, information is updated
in real time and can be reported either per user or per session.

Improved Performance
Aspelle Everywhere is now more powerful than ever, with enhanced
performance, scalability and implementation options. New features include
authentication service caching, which can increase performance as much as
200 percent; support for the new Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol;
additional browsers and operating systems support; and DMZ termination

Pricing and Availability
The new version of Aspelle Everywhere is available immediately.

For more information, please contact:
Steve Douthwaite
Write Image Ltd
For Aspelle Ltd
+44 (0)207 959 5542

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