SMART Technologies Inc. invents new technology for touch-sensitive displays

Breakthrough technology offers superior image quality and durability

SMART Technologies Inc. announces DViT™ (Digital Vision Touch) technology, a breakthrough technology platform for touch-sensitive displays. In line with current SMART Board interactive whiteboard’s, DViT technology gives you the freedom and breath of learning activities only possible with both pen and touch functionality. DViT technology uses proprietary digital cameras and sophisticated software to determine the contact of a finger, stylus, pointer or other object on a display. Cameras, situated in each corner of the display, communicate position information back to a digital signal processor that determines the exact point of contact. No special pens or tools are required to interact with the display resulting in no additional cost for lost pens. No special materials are required on the touch screen, making the image crystal clear. Unlike touch systems in which the technology resides in the surface material, all DViT technology resides in the frame around the display, supporting SMART Technology’s on going philosophy to provide durable products with durable technology. Multiple U.S. and foreign patents for DViT technology are pending.

DViT technology is being introduced on two of SMART’s premium products – the Rear Projection SMART Board™ 3000i and the SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive whiteboards. By replacing analog resistive technology with DViT technology, SMART has improved the brightness of the 3000i by 34 percent while contrast ratio has increased by 133 percent. On the SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive overlay, DViT technology makes the image 21 percent brighter and the contrast 15 percent better. The interactive overlay surface is anti-glare and anti-smudge.

"DViT technology offers unparalleled image quality with dramatically improved brightness and contrast," says David Martin, chairman and co-CEO of SMART. "Along with the improved image, the 3000i and SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive overlay with DViT technology maintain the ease of use people expect from SMART products."

"SMART's development of DViT technology is a major breakthrough," says Greg Patrick, director of OEM/Integration for NEC Solutions (America), Inc., Visual Systems Division. "With DViT technology, image clarity is the best I've seen yet for touch-sensitive rear projection and plasma display systems. And NEC considers this a vital technological development for the growth of the visual display industry. "

Touch Technologies
Several technologies exist to make displays interactive. These technologies fall into one of two categories: passive touch or active touch. Active touch (electromagnetic and laser technologies) requires the use of a special pointer to activate the touch surface, while passive touch (analog resistive, surface acoustic wave, capacitive and infrared light-emitting diode technologies) does not.

DViT technology is the only touch technology that offers all of the following:
- crystal clear image
- no requirement for proprietary tools
- applicability on a wide range of surface sizes and types
- speed and accuracy
- mouse hover function

Pricing and Availability
The Rear Projection SMART Board 3000i and SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive whiteboards with DViT technology will be available in mid-March. While the technology on the products has improved greatly, their suggested retail prices remain unchanged. The suggested retail price of 3000i with DViT technology remains at £14,995 + VAT.. The suggested retail price of the SMART Board for Plasma Displays interactive overlay with the new technology ranges from £2700 + VAT for a 42" overlay to £3895 for a 60" overlay.. For additional information or specifications, call 020.8213.2100.

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