EGAR Technology Launches Limits Server

Finally – Risk Managers can monitor positions across all products and all desks in real-time!

May 21, 2003 - EGAR announced the US release of a new product today, EGAR Limits Server, a real-time, enterprise-wide limit and risk control and monitoring system supporting all markets and products. Its flexible limit structure allows creating of limits by counterpart, issuer, trader, desk, branch, product or asset group etc. Risk calculation methodologies include credit equivalency, open position, delivery risk, stop-loss, diversification risk and VaR.

EGAR Limits Server is based on EGAR’s proprietary middleware technology, which enables it to integrate in real time with different trading systems. Thus, it can act as a consolidator of transaction and counterpart information from many different systems and calculate exposures firm wide.

Its flexibility allows an institution to define their own business process for limit control, including transaction authorization and blocking, over limit approvals, real time messaging on violations, etc.

EGAR Limits Server has already been successfully implemented at Alfa Bank, a Russian leader in debt capital markets, where it is used to consolidate risk and monitor limits from the FI, FX, equity and derivatives trading operations.

"Using the Limits Server, institutions can move away from desk or product level limits control, to full firm-wide limits control across many desks," Ravi Jain, CEO of EGAR Technology, commented "and still do it in real time – making this an invaluable risk management system for any institution"

For more information on this press release or any other EGAR Technology related news, please contact:
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