E2E Infotech Launches Market Link to Quotrix/Tradelink for Customers of Orc Software.

May 2003, LONDON

London, May 2003: E2E infotech, providing innovative solutions around the Orc System, launches market link to Quotrix/Tradelink for the customers of Orc Software (www.orcsoftware.com). The electronic market link enables automatic handling of Quote Requests from Quotrix/Tradelink and improves trading efficiencies.

Quotrix/Tradelink is a stock market trading system based in Germany where private investors can trade directly with market makers electronically and is very popular with Warrants and Certificates issuers and market makers.

The market link provides several automation parameters thereby allowing automatic responding of Quote Requests and full integration with the Auto Quoting functionality of Orc Trader. Traders can deal with high net worth transaction manually while allowing the system to manage other transactions automatically. The system is capable of operating between the two extremes of Fully Manual Mode allowing traders to respond each request manually to Fully Automatic Mode where system intelligently responds to all incoming quote requests.

The Quotrix/Tradelink market link is now live with one of Orc Software’s customers in Austria and is available to other customers through Orc Software or directly through E2E infotech.

E2E infotech has specialist knowledge in the area of Derivatives, Risk Management, Rate Reasonability and cash management and is one of the few companies providing integration solutions around the Orc System.

E2E integration framework is a platform independent solution and supports multiple protocols like CORBA/COM/DCOM/DDE/XML and is capable of communicating via MQ Series/MSMQ Series/TIB-RV messaging architecture.

E2E provides specialist applications in the area of:
- Integration Around/Using Orc System
- Electronic Market Links
- Risk Management and VAR Calculation
- Risk Reporting
- Front Office Trading Tools for designated quoting
- P&L Reporting and Analysis
- Data warehousing and post trade deal enrichment
- FIX applications support and integration
- SWIFT applications support and integration.

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