Kx Systems Announces Kdb+ High-Performance Relational Database Platform for Trading and Risk Management

Palo Alto (June 9, 2003): Kx Systems, Inc., leader in providing high-performance relational database and analysis products, today announced kdb+, the next generation of the company’s flagship kdb database. With this announcement, Kx delivers an expanded set of database products: the original kdb, for 32-bit architectures, and the new kdb+, for 64 bit architectures. The addition of kdb+ is a direct response to the financial industry’s need to process billions of events in real-time, on platforms such as Intel’s Itanium® 2 processor. The ability of kdb+ to support industry-accepted 64-bit architectures also helps financial firms control costs while they manage expanding volumes of trade data and implement real-time business models for memory-intensive new applications such as program trading, back-testing of trading models, and real-time operational and market risk management. Also announced today are 64-bit versions of kdb+tick, Kx Systems’ tick database application, and kdb+taq, the company’s fast loader and analysis application for NYSE TAQ data.

In today’s financial markets, a firm that can perform trades faster and more efficiently also stands to trade more profitably. Kdb+ enables any market participant to achieve fast and efficient trading by:

- Handling up to 2 billion streaming ticks daily – per each single in-memory process
- Executing thousands of in-memory and historical queries simultaneously – with real-time results
- Dramatically reducing transaction and message latency
- Combining in-memory and historical transaction data into a single relational database
- Enabling firms to quickly implement sophisticated trading strategies involving time-ordered data and vast numbers of transactions
- Offering a single efficient language for programming and time-series analysis
- Supporting standard interfaces: C/C++, java and .net
- Running on industry-accepted 64-bit hardware platforms
- Providing typical project ROI in 3 months
"Kx is known in the financial world for helping firms solve 'impossible' problems. Our software helps them develop and execute unique competitive strategies," said Arthur Whitney, Kx Systems CTO, "With kdb+ we are extending a firm’s capacity to acquire, manage, and analyze streaming data by a factor of 100, while also accommodating unlimited historical data. Given the trends in trading volumes and regulatory requirements, we expect that increasing numbers of firms will soon reach the point where 64-bit architectures are essential for continued productivity and profitability."

In response to the increasing demand for Linux in financial applications, Kx developed kdb+ for Linux on Intel® Itanium 2-based platforms. The product also runs on 64-bit Solaris and 64-bit Windows Server 2003. Kdb+ has been field tested by several leading financial industry firms including Lehman Brothers.

"Our financial customers are performing increasingly sophisticated analytics on larger amounts of data," said Jason Waxman, director of Itanium Platform Marketing at Intel. "Kdb+ offers fast, real-time analysis on vast amounts of data, making optimal use of the Itanium 2 processor’s outstanding performance and large memory capability."

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