Netik Launches Netik Interview v7.0:

An Investment Hub for Wealth Management, Investment Management, Prime Brokerage, Fund Administrators and Custodians

NEW YORK and LONDON, June 4 – Netik, the information automation company for financial markets that specializes in leveraging existing investment systems, announced today the launch of Netik Interview v7.0™ as an Investment Hub for the securities industry.

Netik InterView v7.0 Investment Hub has been designed to enable complete securities data processing and reporting for all instruments including equities, fixed income and other exotic derivatives. Netik InterView v7.0 enables a single consolidated view of investment and banking information for Investment Managers, Private Banks/Wealth Managers, Prime Brokers, Brokers, Fund Administrators and Custodians.

The Netik InterView v7.0 Investment Hub is a complete securities data model/database/warehouse and integration product that, through it’s:

“information portal”, distributes information to fulfil all the dynamic reporting requirements (single-log on web, paper, email, user-defined, what-ifs) and

“data portal” enables organizations to extract, clean/repair, enrich, match, exceptions, route and information processing requirements of the securities market.

In addition, Netik Interview v7.0 Investment Hub has been designed to provide complete data/information workflow management and it processes entities including orders, trades, on-line positions and end-of-day positions via its hub working in tight integration with front-office products (such as order management systems) and mid/back-office office systems (such as specialist accounting engines). Netik InterView v7.0 also has a number of optional value added plug-ins applications such as Portfolio Modelling and Rebalance, Decision Support, Pre Trade Compliance, Post Trade Compliance, and Global Performance Measurement and Attribution.

John Wise, CEO and co-founder said:

“Netik InterView v7.0 is the result of over 15 elapsed years and over 200 man years of focus on our unique data model and integration technology. Today, Netik InterView v7.0 combines our Information Portal for securities data warehousing and reporting, and our Data Portal for securities data processing into an Investment Hub.

Our solution addresses the problems of consolidated reporting and centralized data processing and management in a single solution that can really leverage existing infrastructure and systems. Netik believes we are probably the only solution that has live an installation with over 400 interfaces to a 1.8 tera byte database that handles over $1 trillion of assets.”

Colin Close, CIO explains:

“A key design concept was Netik’s SPACE (Single Point of Access, Control and Entry) for data processing and reporting. The technical challenge that our engineers have achieved is the ability to process very large volumes of data and reports on tera byte databases at speed. To this end we have a massively scaleable solution that can be fully implemented between 3-6 months, that will enable our customers to gain reductions in operational cost and risk while taking users and customer to a new level of on-line interaction”

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