SunGard Introduces New Version of BancWare for Comprehensive Asset/Liability and Risk Management

New Technology Platform and Analytical Engine Helps Clients to Improve Risk-Adjusted Returns

NEW YORK, June 25, 2003– SunGard Trading and Risk Systems, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced a new version of BancWare Convergence, its flagship solution for asset/liability management (ALM). In order to help clients more effectively analyze risk, forecast performance, and develop
strategies for optimizing risk-adjusted returns, the latest version of BancWare Convergence uses a new, faster technology platform and a high-precision analytical engine.

The latest release of BancWare Convergence is fully multi-user enabled and features multi-dimensional analysis, multi-user technology and time series processing, as well as an embedded equation builder with the flexibility to define the properties and behaviors of any instrument. To maximize scalability, flexibility and throughput, BancWare uses the latest Microsoft Windows technology, including DCOM and .Net, and a SQL Server database. The
new technology platform supports multiple users, facilitating the collaborative work of ALM analysts. Distributed processing enables speedier calculations and supports multi-tiered architectures, providing clients with multiple deployment options, including at the desktop, through a client/server network, or within a three-tiered, multi-server configuration.

The new analytical engine includes unlimited multi-dimensional analysis and time series processing. Multi-dimensional analysis enables clients to build balance sheet models that capture all dimensions of their business, including the contributions of individual products, businesses, customer segments, and exposures to specific markets and other sources of risk/return. With quick,
multi-dimensional views of alternative scenarios and forecasts, BancWare facilitates risk profile evaluation and pro-active profitability strategies, helping clients to optimize their institutions’ risk/return tradeoff. Time series processing allows users to simulate events in time at any time, providing for trading system-quality validation.

"BancWare Convergence is a key component of an integrated solution for analyzing performance, managing risk, and effectively assessing opportunities," said Terence Faherty, president of SunGard’s BancWare operating unit. "This new version will further help clients make better risk decisions by providing more precise results, increased modeling flexibility, and more powerful, multi-dimensional analytics. With BancWare, customers can not only understand and forecast their risk position, they will be able to understand, better than ever before, how their position has changed and why."

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