Bridgit data-conferencing software available in 12 languages

Share real-time data across the world without Web conferencing usage fees
June 18, 2003 - SMART Technologies Inc. announces the June 30th availability of Bridgit data-conferencing software in 12 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish and Italian. Bridgit software makes data conferencing simple and cost-effective, allowing users to share real-time data without installing software or paying extra for conferencing time.

The new version will be a free upgrade for Bridgit software customers. Bridgit software makes multi-user, reservation-less data conferences possible, allowing meeting attendees to connect easily and share screen information. Bridgit software's multi-language capability enables companies, with international offices to collaborate, while each location uses its preferred language interface.

"As a global company selling products in 65 countries worldwide, SMART remains a leader in group collaboration tools, delivering easy-to-use, feature-rich Bridgit software for customers in their native languages," says Nancy Knowlton, president and co-CEO of SMART Technologies Inc. "The release of Bridgit software in 12 languages will open doors for many businesses who, for various reasons, are cutting back on employee travel."

With Bridgit software, any user can create a conference that all attendees can join by simply opening their client and selecting the conference by name. Those who do not already have the Bridgit client can be invited with an e-mail containing a URL, where the client (less than one MB) will automatically download and bring them directly to the conference. Bridgit software is so easy to use, it requires no special training.

Any number of conferences of any size can be held, limited only by the licensed number of concurrent users. The server is typically installed in a secure area outside the organization's firewall so that both internal users and external parties may connect to it. Clients may be freely distributed and do not require installation. Passwords and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensure that conferences are secure and data is protected.

Pricing and Availability
The new version of Bridgit software is scheduled to ship on June 30, 2003 and is free to current Bridgit customers. The suggested list price of Bridgit software is £1695 per server, plus £345 per concurrent user (purchased in multiples of five). There are no usage charges.
For additional information and specifications, contact an authorised reseller,
on 0208 213 2169.
NOTE: Media demonstrations of Bridgit software are available and take only five minutes of your time.

Press Release Contact:
Wayne Perkins
SMART Product Manager

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