NeoNet Adds Desk Trading on NYSE and Amex

Stockholm, 16th June 2003 - NeoNet, an international agency brokerage
providing efficient electronic equity execution services for the
institutional investor industry, today announced that it now offers
trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the American Stock
Exchange (Amex) over NeoNet's international trading desk. The expansion
offers broader access to US liquidity and signals its plans to offer
fully integrated electronic execution of NYSE securities by mid 2004.

The NYSE is by far the largest stock exchange in the world and the Amex
offers trading in exchange traded funds such as SPY, QQQ and DIA - which
track the S&P 500, the NASDAQ-100 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
respectively - representing some of the world's most actively traded
securities. The integration of direct market access trading on virt-x
and the Madrid Stock Exchange to NeoNet's offering is planned by
year-end 2003.

NeoNet plans to offer clients direct market access and execution
services in 80% of the world's stock market capitalisation by mid 2004.

NeoNet currently offers clients trading on the NASDAQ, London,
Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki,
Copenhagen and Oslo stock exchanges.

"Offering our clients electronic trading in 80% of the world's stock
market capitalisation has been a key objective from the start, and we
are now firmly on our way to achieving this," said Torvald Bohlin, CEO
of NeoNet. "The ability for clients to trade NYSE shares and Amex
securities over our international trading desk, following last year's
addition of NASDAQ to our electronic offering, is an important step in
that direction."

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