VhaYu Technologies One of the Newest H!VE Members

(CHICAGO, June 10, 2003) — HyperFeed Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: HYPR), a provider of Managed Exchange Platform Services (MEPS) and exchange information to financial institutions, exchanges, value-added distributors and content providers, today announces the launch of its H!VE Alliance and Partnership Program. The goal of HyperFeed’s H!VE Program is to allow unparalleled access to exchange information and services to a wide variety of Alliance Partners, Network Service Providers, VARS and Data Contributors. The Company encourages partners and end users to utilize its standards based offerings in a non-proprietary model to facilitate solutions that make sense for their own customers. HyperFeed customers get the added benefit of being able to utilize H!VE Partner products with their current distribution systems. By leveraging HyperFeed’s MEPS, its H!VE partners can take advantage of their core competencies while saving on costs and benefiting from expanded distribution and increased exposure.

According to Paul Pluschkell, HyperFeed’s President and COO, "We have a commitment to build alliances with best in class applications, network providers, technologies and content contributors to better serve the needs of our clients. We firmly believe that two strong brands, each an expert in its field, are better than one. Partnering allows HyperFeed to focus on its core competency, ticker plant technologies and exchange information in the form of MEPS, while still offering our customers choice and total solutions." Pluschkell further comments, "The days of a single vendor providing all services or in house developers creating everything from the ground up for a single use purpose is no longer feasible. Customers are demanding a ROI and a higher level of service that requires best in class service providers. The H!VE program pioneers open access solutions for all scopes of providers in the financial industry."

The H!VE program is very unique in that it encourages utilizing other providers’ data sets as well as HyperFeed’s consolidated exchange information. H!VE partners can interface directly to any North American Exchange, many third party data sets and news services, or easily and intuitively create a new interface for a new provider. The network of HyperFeed partners that make up the H!VE each have their own specialized offerings that are compatible with HyperFeed’s MEPS at every level. H!VE members fall into five categories: Joint Products, Alliance Partners, Network Service Providers, Technologies and Contributors.

H!VE Joint Products Partners are companies whose products leverage HyperFeed’s MEPS technologies with their own proprietary content or applications. A current Joint Products Partner is Telekurs USA. Telekurs and HyperFeed together offer a bundled product -- Telekurs’ global data in HyperFeed’s format and through HyperFeed’s MEPS. This Joint Product Partnership allows both HyperFeed and Telekurs customers to receive global exchange data while benefiting from the speed and performance of HyperFeed’s MEPS.

H!VE Alliance Partners have software or desktop trading applications that can be populated by the exchange information component of HyperFeed’s MEPS, by direct exchange feeds or by proprietary information. Some of HyperFeed’s current H!VE Alliance Partners include: Microhedge, Sterling, and VhaYu Technologies. Each H!VE Alliance Partner specializes in trading applications targeted to specific types of traders – from options to hedge funds. It’s a true advantage for HyperFeed customers to have so many to choose from. And the H!VE Alliance Partners also reap the benefits.

VhaYu Technologies, a leader in real-time tick-data capture, storage and analytics for the financial industry, uses the exchange information component of HyperFeed's MEPS to power its online real-time analytical offering, TraderBot."Using HyperFeed's exchange information, VhaYu provides powerful real-time analytics of any asset class, analyzing tick-by-tick data as the data changes. In addition, customers will now benefit by having a single point of storage for all real-time and historical tick data. This powerful joint offering brings true value to our customers by leveraging their market data investments," says Shanti Dev, President, VhaYu Technologies.

H!VE Network Service Providers are data and telecommunication providers that allow HyperFeed to deploy its MEPS to its customers. Current H!VE Network Service Providers include AT&T and SAVVIS.

H!VE Technology Partners have complementary, synergistic technologies that extend HyperFeed’s reach and give flexibility to its customers. Tibco is a H!VE Technology Partner. Tibco’s SmartSockets Technology can be embedded into HyperFeed’s MEPS, giving customers another vehicle of choice for connectivity and distribution.

H!VE Contributors include FT Interactive, Iverson, Comtex and Dow Jones. Each of these contributes fundamental data, historical data and news respectively. Partnering with multiple content Contributors again gives HyperFeed customers the flexibility and choice in selecting from best-in-class providers to specifically suit their own particular business needs.

Through its H!VE program, HyperFeed provides sets of flexible, customizable services and benefits to its customers and partners alike. Please visit HyperFeed and many of its H!VE Partners in booth 1427 at the SIA conference in New York City from June 17 – 19.

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