Swapstream goes AltioLive

London, New York, California May 10 – Altio part of the Integra SP group is pleased to announce that its customer Swapstream, a global swaps trading platform built using AltioLive, has opened for trading.

Marcus Grubb, CEO Swapstream states: "The combination of AltioLive's high per-formance real-time data streaming and the ability to create a rich and highly interactive user interface have enabled Swapstream to deliver one of the most sophisticated real-time trading applications ever run in a web browser."

AltioLive enables companies to build collaborative applications by combining disparate applications, data sources, and Web services into a single, browser-based interface that exhibits the feel and functionality of a local desktop application.

AltioLive, an XML platform for building and deploying real-time, interactive Internet applications has just been released at version 3.

Benefits of the new version include:

- Applications can now operate seamlessly on or offline, enabling a user to continue working while away from the office and automatically synchronize on their return.

- Automatic multi-language and locale support for applications that need to be deployed across multiple countries and languages.

- Support for the latest web services standards. The Web Services Connection Wizard makes it quick and easy to build rich, web based applications.

- The new portlet editions provide off-the-shelf integration with the major portal server vendors, and are the best way to build powerful portal applications.

David Levett, CTO Altio, said: "Swapstream join an increasing list of financial customers who have successfully deployed AltioLive as a cost effective and powerful user interface platform for their mission-critical applications".

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