Appeal of Hosted Application Model, Accountability for Results Drive Success
of Customer Service Solutions Leader

RightNow Technologies, the world's leading provider of hosted customer
service and support solutions, today announced its 16th consecutive quarter
of revenue growth. RightNow, a privately held company, achieved a 28
percent revenue increase year over year, and increased total staff in the
fourth quarter by 10 percent, including the executive team addition of Mike
Maszka, an industry veteran and former PeopleSoft executive.

The global software company continues to be cash flow positive, allowing
them to invest in new product development and additional services for

RightNow added more than 200 customers in 2002. New customer acquisitions
for the fourth quarter include ACCO, Meyer Corporation, Prudential
Financial, Inc., RealtyTrac, and Svenska Spel. RightNow also signed
contract extensions with several major clients, including Cisco, Kensington,
a subsidiary of ACCO, Motorola, Skechers, and the Social Security
Administration. And, RightNow displaced several competitive deployments
including eGain, Kana, Remedy, and SalesLogix.

RightNow founder and CEO Greg Gianforte attributes RightNow's continued
success in adding new customers and increasing penetration with existing
accounts to three primary factors:
* RightNow's proven best practices for customer service, which
complement the company's award-winning technology to ensure that customers
consistently experience substantive business benefits from their
* RightNow's hosted application delivery model, which
eliminates the tremendous infrastructure-related costs and hassles
associated with in-house deployments of enterprise software; and
* RightNow's unique "Standard of Business Practice," which
makes the company accountable for achieving quantifiable business results as
defined in conjunction with the customer.

"Partnership is about ownership and shared accountability. Everybody in the
business talks about it but few deliver in the way that RightNow has for
Polaroid," Yale Cohen, group manager of worldwide service communications for
Polaroid, said. "From day one they responded as if our success was as
important for them as it is for us."

"RightNow's achievement is particularly noteworthy in light of the poor
financial performance of the software industry as a whole," Sheryl
Kingstone, program manager, customer relationship management strategies at
Yankee Group, said. "RightNow and other companies embracing the hosted
model are getting significant traction in this market, which is clear proof
of both its appeal and its practicality. Software companies with
conventional licensing and deployment business models are simply unable to
keep pace."

RightNow's flagship solution, RightNow eService CentreTM, has been widely
acclaimed for its ability to improve the quality of customer service, to
substantively reduce the cost of customer service operations, to increase
revenue opportunities, and to support such strategic objectives as capturing
market feedback for product development and entering new market segments.
RightNow has also created such software innovations as RightNow Locator(tm)
for linking corporate Web presences to bricks-and-mortar facilities, and
RightNow Live(tm) for online chat with customer service representatives.

RightNow also provides world-class consulting and application "Tune Up"
services, which give customers the benefit of the best practices expertise
the company has developed from its experiences with more than 1,000

RightNow's hosted application delivery model enables customers to rapidly
deploy the company's technology without having to shoulder burdensome
investments in servers, databases, and infrastructure management that
characterise traditional enterprise application deployments. RightNow's
hosted solutions have proven to be more reliable over most in-house
deployments since the environment has built-in redundancy that would
normally not be found in a typical enterprise environment. The pricing
structure of RightNow's hosted applications also makes the company's
technology accessible to the under-serviced market for small and
medium-sized businesses. In addition to its hosted offerings, RightNow also
offers customers the option to host their own applications.

"Corporate buyers will no longer tolerate the failed enterprise software
business model that requires them to ante up huge amounts of financial and
human capital to chase benefits that often fail to materialise," Gianforte
said. "RightNow is growing because we offer something different:
industry-leading customer service technology that delivers quantifiable
results before you've spent your budget."

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