ICY software , the leading editor of purpose-built software in currency options,...

ICY software , the leading editor of purpose-built software in currency options, is glad to announce the issue of the last edition of ICY FX (4.4) which encloses new pricing, reporting and marketing features.

"Designed to be the FX sales best friend, ICY FX 4.4 is offering a full range of new features, from the choice of the pricing model to the printing of deal tickets. Always focused on customers needs and requests, ICY’s team is once again proving its ability to deliver the right answer to market expectations" says Quentin Heslouin, Sales Executive.

New Features

New ! PRICING : ICYFX encloses a new pricing model which take into account the volatility surface. This new pricing model enables to have a closer idea of the market price.

New ! ICYFX-SDK : With the ICYFX-SDK, you have the ability to plug your own libraries into ICYFX. For each option priced, you are able to choose the pricing model you want to use.

New ! NEW OPTIONS : Middle Windows options and Average Rate options (with predefined weight on the dates) are now available in ICYFX 4.4.

New ! DISPLAY : Choose the view of the pricing grid. You can select a light view (horizontal) “Sales oriented” with the premium and a greek or the full view (vertical) “Detailed” with all the greeks on the screen.

New ! BLOTTER : Print a ticket as a JPEG file or directly on your printer. Input directly your mark-up in each ticket edited with ICYFX. Cut Off Times (London, New York, Tokyo, …) have also been introduced in the new release, you will find it in Pricing and Position Management.

New ! POSITION KEEPING : Get a confirmation of the ticket created when you save a option strategy as position.

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