RightNow Technologies integrates with Cisco ICM for Belgacom Skynet

Top Belgian ISP Reaps Immediate Business Benefits from Integration of
RightNow eService Centre and Cisco ICM Belgacom Skynet completes major transformation of customer care systems in just four months, cuts operational costs 30%

RightNow Technologies, the world's leading provider of hosted customer service and support solutions, has announced that it has successfully integrated RightNow eService Centre with Cisco System's ICM platform for Belgacom Skynet's 300-seat call centre. The integration was completed in just three days - despite the fact that this was the first time the two systems have been deployed together - and has resulted in immediate, quantifiable benefits to the company.

With approximately 700,00 customers, Belgacom Skynet is one of Belgium's
leading Internet Service Providers. Belgacom Skynet offers a wide range of
services, such as ultra high-speed ADSL connections, and is the company
behind Belgium's most visited Internet portal.

According to communications manager Jeroen van den Broek, Belgacom Skynet
needed a solution that would reduce contact centre overheads, while making
it as easy as possible for customers to find the information they needed on
the Web, via email, or by speaking with a Belgacom Skynet customer service
representative (CSR).

After an extensive evaluation of available customer service solutions,
Belgacom Skynet decided to implement RightNow for its comprehensive incident
tracking, knowledge base management and multi-channel communications
capabilities. RightNow's open architecture also made it ideal for
integration with Belgacom Skynet's Cisco-based call centre infrastructure.

RightNow was implemented in just ten days. The integration with Cisco ICM
was completed in only three. The entire project - from planning to
production - could thus be completed in four months. "That kind of speed is
unheard-of for a project of this scope and business impact," says van den

RightNow makes it easy for customers to find answers to their own questions
on Belgacom Skynet's Web site. This has resulted in a 78% reduction in
emails and a 28% reduction in phone calls for Belgacom Skynet - which is a
major contributing factor to the 30% cost reduction in operating costs that
the company has achieved.

If customers don't find the answers they're looking for online, RightNow
enables them to send an email query that is automatically routed to the most
appropriate person. RightNow also tracks the incident to ensure that it is
resolved promptly.

When customers call, Belgacom Skynet's CSRs can use the same comprehensive
RightNow knowledge base to give them fast, accurate answers. Thanks to the
integration with Cisco ICM, a RightNow incident-tracking "ticket" is
automatically created. This ticket is then used to ensure that the incident
is properly resolved. It also allows the customer's profile to be attached,
which speeds problem resolution and allows CSRs to treat each customer as an

Belgacom Skynet was assisted in its RightNow/Cisco implementation by local
integrator Dimension Data.

According to RightNow CEO and founder Greg Gianforte, Belgacom Skynet's
integrated approach to Web, email and call centre communications is indicative of a growing trend in customer service. "The cost-efficiency and service improvements that Belgacom Skynet gained as a result of integrating RightNow and Cisco ICM are appealing to just about every company in the world," said Gianforte. "We expect to see this innovative project replicated in many of our other customers' call centres as customer service managers realise the tremendous business benefits such integration can deliver."

If you would like to speak to RightNow Technologies about the press release
please contact:
Josie Pearson
01252 727313

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