Option Research & Technology Services and Rich Advisory Group Join Forces

Two leading firms in the area of option trading are combining forces to market strategy consulting and software to the fast-growing hedge fund market. Option Research & Technology Services (“ORATS”) has developed patent-pending methods for measuring historical and implied volatility and has developed the software to take advantage of these more accurate measurements. Rich Advisory Group has already advised numerous clients in this area on how to construct portfolios to take advantage of the unique risk management and leverage characteristics of options. Together, these companies will enable hedge funds to identify and profit from option trading opportunities as they appear.

ORATS provides equity option trading research and software to market makers and proprietary traders. ORATS is the result of nine years of consultation and testing with option professionals. The advantages of our services include underlying volatility measurements based on tick data and implied volatility surface summarizations performed on extensive historical option quote databases.

Rich Advisory Group is headed by Christopher J. Rich. He is the President and CEO and has 20+ years of experience in the option and derivatives industry specializing in strategic option position construction, option trading, risk management, hedging strategy development, arbitrage and execution services. He has been a Market Maker and Floor Broker on the CBOE, a Partner and Assistant Vice-President at Man Financial, and a trainer of market-makers and professional option traders. Chris has provided trading and advisory services for both on-shore and off-shore hedge funds. He advised the CBOT in the development of the first option contract on the Treasury Bond futures contract.

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