Bluewave Launches Compliance Asset Tracking Solution for Investment Banks

Bluewave, a UK subsidiary of Maersk Data, has launched a new Compliance Asset Tracking (CAT) solution for the compliance departments and research analysts of investment banks. The solution facilitates compliance with FSA and SEC mandates for disclosing potential conflicts of interest that may exist between a bank's capital market activities and investment banking relationships.

The new CAT solution combines several processes and technologies into a
single integrated application, which:

- Enables compliance departments to automatically record conflicts of
interest such as investment banking relationships and analysts' personal
- Provides research analysts with automated disclosures when making
investment recommendations
- Ensures appropriate conflict of interest disclosures are
automatically supplied to relevant media when analysts issue investment
- Ensures that non-compliance automatically triggers exception and
statutory reports for regulatory purposes. These electronic trails provide
the bank with 'compliance-proof' records.

Tony Kypreos, Bluewave's Chief Commercial Officer said: "Investment banks
face a challenge in implementing effective processes for complying with
regulators in governing, disclosing and reporting research analysts'
conflicts of interest while making investment recommendations to media and

"Investment banks have enormous demands placed on them in dealing with the
encoding, cataloguing, and indexing of data relating to conflicts of
interest. Any discrepancies in this area could lead to large fines, class
action lawsuits, and negative impact on share price. Compliance, therefore,
makes business sense in maintaining investor trust.

"With our CAT solution, financial services institutions benefit from
automating processes that allow the compliance, legal, securities research,
and corporate finance and media departments to have access to up-to-date
data relating to conflicts of interest and can automate the process to
minimise potential errors."

Bluewave performs GAP analyses of the required workflows unique to each
bank. The CAT solution is then deployed with seamless systems integration.
The solution also supports XML, EDI standards for interconnectivity. The
Data Logistics Server ensures that all digital assets across media are
scheduled, distributed and archived, to produce automated disclosures and
audit reports.

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