Misys Asset Management Systems launches Quasar 6

Improved workflow, usability and technology enhances back office solution

London, 5 February 2003- Misys Asset Management Systems, a global solution
provider for the asset management community, today announced a new version
of Quasar - Quasar 6 - the proven back office solution. The evolution of
Quasar delivers improved business workflow, flexibility, usability, and unrestricted open-data access within the Quasar-related operational and
business environments.

Cheryl Redgewell, operations products manager, Misys Asset Management Systems, said: "Quasar 6 is a step-change in the continuous and highly focussed development of Quasar - a market leading solution which is a key part of the operational infrastructure used by a significant number of UK asset management firms."

To improve the overall operational efficiency and effectiveness, Misys Asset
Management Systems has taken advantage of the newly introduced underlying object structure of Quasar. Current users' practices will continue to be the
same in Quasar 6 however, it enables financial institutions to revise their
workflows more easily - and in a phased approach - as they require. Ultimately, Quasar 6 will be able to match the users' specific style of working and present all system processes as a collection of new multi-task modules and graphical interfaces - as opposed to the current menu driven, character based, single workflow approach.

To increase usability and intuitiveness, a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
has been developed and greater openness of functionality and data access is
achieved through the integration of InterSystems' post-relational Caché®
database. This delivers increased scalability, alongside flexibility and
connectivity to systems and processes outside of Quasar 6. Finally, Misys
Asset Management Systems is delivering Quasar 6 on the technical operating
platforms of today, such as secure internet, intranet and business operations outsourcing models.

Redgewell continues: "Financial institutions will be able to seamlessly
integrate Quasar 6 within their current Quasar technology infrastructure and
as a result, critical operational processes can be performed faster, better
and more efficiently."

Chris Potts, CEO, Misys Asset Management Systems, said: "We believe it's our
responsibility to ensure Quasar adapts and evolves. Through ongoing research
and development we'll ensure Quasar remains the most reliable, dependable
and robust back office system in the market. And, we'll continue to invest
substantially in Quasar, protecting our customer's investment now and in the

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