SunGard Launches New Real-Time, Web Reporting Tool and Intranet Version of Account Risk Assessment System

Bedford, MA - February 4, 2003 - SunGard Futures Systems, an operating unit of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), announced today the availability of Query Builder, a new real-time, intuitive reporting system for use with financial database applications, and a new Intranet version of Account Risk Module (ARM), an account risk assessment tool designed for use with the GMI system for listed derivatives processing. Both systems are available in a browser-based, ASP environment maintained and hosted by SunGard.

Query Builder is a new real-time, browser-based reporting tool that provides retail end users and back office operations with enterprise-wide decision support and reporting. The system retrieves information from back office applications and can even perform "bridged" queries on multiple databases and show relationships between the resulting data. Query Builder’s intuitive design eliminates the need for users to rely on IT staff to build reports, or learn SQL or other complex third party reporting tools in order to create reports.

ARM helps GMI users to maintain a high level of risk control by accessing data in the GMI system and performing complete risk analysis on pre- or post-execution trades. The system provides a link between front-office systems and GMI back office data to perform firm-wide revaluation on single and multiple accounts, including positions, trades, cancels, cash, busts, collateral, option premium, and offsets. Now available in a Java-based, Intranet environment, ARM is easier to implement and use, and features enhanced querying and manipulation of calculations, as well as variance definitions for individual monitoring of accounts throughout the day. The Intranet version also includes a user-defined, auto-refresh timer to update the browser window as often as desired.

"These exciting new product developments address uncertainty and risk, and enable customers to get to the information they need quickly and easily," said Steve Auerbach, president of SunGard Futures Systems. "Query Builder and ARM satisfy the need for flexibility, ease of use, fast implementation, and robust features that provide real value to the everyday operations of our customers."

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