London - 26th February 2003. FINEOS Corporation, a leading innovator of banking and insurance software, has just announced that Fortis Benefits Insurance Company has gone live with its claims management system, FINEOS Disability Claims Manager.

Implemented over nine months, the solution has enabled Fortis Benefits, based in Kansas City, Missouri, to migrate its disability claims management process to a highly efficient, customer-focused workflow system.

With a single online view of claims file information across the organization, FINEOS Disability Claims Manager allows multiple people to view and work on claims at the same time, which makes for faster, more accurate claims decisions. Better management information also helps in managing the company's claims pipeline, and enables actuarial staff to make more informed decisions. Customer service is improved by providing staff with immediate access to the reporting and data they need for service queries.

Having implemented the first phase of the FINEOS Disability Claims Manager
solution in its central Benefit Centre, Fortis Benefits is already realizing
some benefits. According to Mary Anne Brazeal, Project Manager, Fortis
Benefits: "The FINEOS solution makes for better claims outcomes, which means
better decisions being made at the right moment in time in the claim. This
creates a win-win for both our company and for our employers and claimants."

Michael Kelly, CEO at FINEOS, said: "We've built this solution on three sound principles: our expertise in the disability claims arena; our proven industry-standard technology architecture; and, finally, the power of our workflow automation, which can intelligently orchestrate the various tasks and relationships involved in short-term and long-term disability claims. It's great to see Fortis Benefits enjoy the benefits of our sound technology

Commenting on the go-live, Leo Corcoran, Senior Vice President for Business
Development, FINEOS, said: "Put simply, this solution enables Fortis Benefits to manage its disability claims more efficiently because its staff are able to make better decisions in a more timely fashion. This means faster turnaround and can only lead to increased customer satisfaction."

The second phase of the project will roll out the solution to Fortis
Benefits' remote Benefit Centres. FINEOS will also provide Fortis Benefits
with a work-processing tool that will enable super business users to create
and define work processes from start to finish. Fortis Benefits will look to
refine some of its claim management business processes. It will use the
FINEOS workflow tool, which is driven by context-based decisioning, to
determine and drive the execution of these processes.

Built on the FINEOS Technical Architecture, FINEOS Disability Claims Manager
uses IBM's WebSphere® application server among other industry-standard
technologies to deliver Fortis Benefits with a complete set of e-business
application deployment and integration services.

This go-live follows the recent announcement that CORE, INC., based in
Portland, Maine, has also successfully implemented FINEOS Disability Claims

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