Sector, Inc. Launches Email Compliance Solution. Email Archival Solution To Demonstrate Compliance With SEC Rule 17a-4

New York, N.Y., February 24, 2003 – Sector, Inc., a leading managed services, communications, and data distribution provider for the financial services industry (and the subsidiary of the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC)), today announced the launch of its email archival solution. Sector’s Email compliance solution enables broker/dealers to demonstrate compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4 as it relates to the storage and management of their email. This new service is the first of a number of planned compliance solutions Sector is developing.

Sector’s Email compliance solution was developed in response to recent enforcement actions by the SEC and self-regulatory organizations regarding SEC Rule 17a-4 and other rules, which highlighted the challenges of complying with the specific terms of regulations regarding the archiving of company email. Sector’s solution collects, indexes, and archives broker/dealer’s email to a fully compliant facility operated within the SIAC data centers. It will also ensure data integrity and verify the accuracy, completeness, and synchrony of the stored email.

Through Sector’s Email Compliance Solution, email from broker/dealer email systems will be processed and written to both magnetic disk (for immediate retrieval) and to optical storage, in fulfillment of Rule 17a-4’s "non-rewriteable" requirements. Incoming emails, including any attachments, are serialized and indexed before being written to the archives. Data fields such as "To", "From", and "Subject", as well as the full text of the email and attachments are indexed and searchable. Sector will manage the lifecycle of the archive, logs, and related indices for the required retention period and undertake with the SEC to fulfill requirements of Rule 17a-4.

Access to the archive and its related indices will be available through a browser-based application for authorized users only. The archive may be searched on-line by any combination of data fields, text, and date range. Results may be viewed online or saved to secondary media locally. In addition, many firms will be able to save money by strategically leveraging their existing SectorNet extranet, SIAC SFTI, and Internet connectivity.
According to Sector President and CEO Fred Del Gaudio, "Sector’s Email Compliance solution will provide the broker/dealer community with a standard solution for an industry problem, delivered by a company whose expertise they have trusted with mission critical services for over thirty-one years. This service unites Sector's managed operations expertise with Hewlett-Packard Company’s storage technology to deliver a best-in-class solution."

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