New stand-alone solution by BSP

Frankfurt, January 8th 2003:
With the new BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY, banks and other market participants can benefit from an exceptionally economical, efficient and comfortable solution for connecting to securities trading platforms. Next to BSP TRADE and BSP INNOVA, BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY represents a third, independent line of BSP software products. This comprehensive solution is remarkable since it does not require using any auxiliary products such as a warehouse system or an MQSeries adapter.

Financial institutes or brokers can now establish a direct connection to the various systems - Xetra, XONTRO, Eurex and CCP- in a simple and economical manner. The new solution is interesting also for transaction banks, since BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY is multi-bank: only one piece of software is sufficient to process transactions on behalf of several different institutes.

The benefits of the new BSP solution are multiple: on the one hand, the end-to-end transaction processing is automated, on the other hand as a result of the complete integration of the solution, an extraordinarily reliable data management is available. Messages are processed in a bi-directional way and in real time, which complies with the principle of the Straight Through Processing (STP). In addition a highly transparent transaction monitoring is ensured since data is permanently updated on-line.

Among the additional functionality of BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY, are above all the high system security with supervisory routines and the portability: state-of-the-art programming in among others JAVA makes the solution to a large extent independent of the operating system and used data base.

Installed in one week
The solution can be installed within one week only. For the Values-API information, it is connected to an existing MISS server (Member Integrated System Server), for the XONTRO data to an SNA gateway (Structured Network Architecture). BSP EXCHANGE GATEWAY can moreover be easily parameterised and monitored. By using a relational data base with one separate table for incoming and for outgoing messages, all transactions are at any time managed in a transparent way and customised queries can easily be created by the users. Therefore warehousing and further processing of historical data records is also possible.

Outsourcing as additional option

The integrated direct connection to the German stock exchange is also available in outsourcing mode at the ACTIS.BSP IT services. This facility is available for all new customers. It is however at the same time an option for today's customers of the outsourcing centre.

The function range of the solution can be determined according to individual requirements. Depending upon the required connections (Xetra, XONTRO, Eurex, CCP) the relevant message types are supported; in addition a part of the available rate services of Xetra is already implemented in the base configuration.

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