Anvil Order Management improves efficiency for Rabobank

Rabobank went live with Anvil Order Management (OM) in September 2002 and have already realised the benefits of the installation. Traders active in the Brokertec markets say they are saving up to two hours a day by using Anvil Order Management. And Rabobank have also achieved another target on the wish list of most banks – straight through processing.

Traders no longer need to manually input trade information for trades executed on the electronic markets. Matched tickets are automatically fed back into ARTS, providing an instant position update for traders and reducing operational risk from manual entry errors. Initially a Brokertec adapter has been completed with others to follow.

Another key benefit to Rabobank is the outsourcing of OM maintenance operations. Under the fixed price OM maintenance agreement Anvil keep the market interfaces up to date. Multiple customers lower the cost and ensure that the net effect is a very effective and cost efficient solution.

Jason van Praagh, Co-Head Group Treasury London comments, "Utilising Order Management has provided real benefit to our front office. Instead of keying matched trades into ARTS, they can now spend more of their time exploring trading opportunities."

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