New Mainframe Release Optimises Decades of Investment in Mainframe Systems,
Resources, and Training to Support New Organisational Objectives

Waltham, MA - February 18, 2003 - IONA®, the leading provider of Rapid
Integration software (NASDAQ: IONA), today announced the availability of
Orbix ASP Mainframe Edition v5.1- the industry's most advanced,
high-performance, and full-featured mainframe integration solution.

Orbix Mainframe v5.1 is based on IONA's patented Adaptive Runtime Technology
(ART), making it the only enterprise-class integration solution that can
deliver the unique scalability and performance advantages of a
'Service-Oriented Architecture' to the mainframe. Orbix Mainframe v5.1
empowers mainframe engineers to take part in e-business and integration
projects by allowing them to use their existing skill-sets to expose
mainframe functionality as 'services' that are readily reusable and
interoperable with other mainframe and non-mainframe-based business systems
and applications. This creates a new level of application availability and
resource empowerment that helps organisations realise demonstrable gains in
productivity, flexibility and ROI.

"IONA's Orbix Mainframe integration technology has made it possible for us
to leverage our existing mainframe systems in a variety of innovative ways
that support our organisations larger business objectives," said Peter
Schulte, Head Architect, GAD, a leading German banking services company.
"We've used IONA's technology to create re-usable mainframe-based services
that interoperate through standard interfaces with new applications. Doing
so has resulted in immediate and tangible ROI, and has given us an edge in
the highly competitive German banking market."

Other global organisations realising the productivity, performance, and ROI
benefits of IONA's Orbix Mainframe include BellSouth, Credit Suisse, and
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

"Organisations' mainframe investments are typically measured in developer
centuries and millions of lines of code," said Joe Schwartz, vice president
of product management at IONA. "With their Y2K projects, these organisations
underscored the irreplaceable nature of their mainframe systems. We've built
the Orbix Mainframe v5.1 for organisations that want to incorporate their
COBOL, PL/1, CICS and IMS assets into their larger IT strategies going
forward. And we've designed our product so that mainframe developers can
integrate a mainframe system with an application running in a UNIX
application server, or connect a mainframe application to a J2EE or
Microsoft .NET system using Web services."

The Orbix Mainframe v5.1 is built on IONA's patented Adaptive Runtime
Technology(tm) (ART). In addition to dramatically enhancing the product's
scalability and performance, ART makes it possible to extend IONA's
cross-platform enterprise services - for security, transactions, management,
high availability - to integrated systems that include mainframe

Other significant features of the Orbix Mainframe v5.1 include:
- Language support for COBOL, PL/I, and C++, which makes integration accessible to mainframe programmers
- Ability to expose mainframe applications and data, including CICS and IMS transactions, as software services with standards-based CORBA
or Web services interfaces that are accessible from virtually any client
- Preservation of the transactional semantics and
enterprise-level characteristics of mainframe applications, which extends
the value and large investment these applications represent
- Automatic ASCII-EBCDIC and numerical format conversions between the mainframe and other platforms
- CICS and IMS adapters support for the demanding 24x7 operating requirements of the M/F environment, with features such as dynamic updating and security refresh (in IMS)
- Simple integration with application lifecycle (source control) products
- Integrates seamlessly with automated operations systems
- C++, Cobol and PL/I batch support

Pricing and Availability:
IONA's Orbix Mainframe v5.1 is available immediately. Please contact IONA
at 1-800-672-4948 in the United States, +353-1-637-2000 in Europe, or via
email at: to learn more about how Orbix Mainframe v5.1 can
support your organisations integration initiatives.

Press Release contact:
Jonathan Daly

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