Aspelle Introduces Latest Version of Award-Winning SSL VPN

-Marks & Spencer Already Benefiting from Aspelle Everywhere 3.0's Unsurpassed Manageability, Security and Flexibility-

BOSTON, February 10, 2003 - Aspelle, a leading provider of SSL VPN solutions, today announced the availability of Aspelle Everywhere 3.0, the latest version of its award-winning software platform. The first SSL VPN with a powerful three-tier security model and completely centralized management, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Delivering outstanding scalability and unparalleled ease-of-use, as well as the most flexible and comprehensive access capabilities in the industry, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 is already in use at leading UK retailer Marks & Spencer.

"The limitations of traditional access solutions are simply unacceptable for
today's global businesses," noted Mark Turner, CEO at Aspelle. "In order for
a business to truly reap maximum benefits, an access solution must be able
to consistently, easily and cost-effectively deliver the right information,
to the right person, at the right time. Our unique understanding of these
dynamics is embodied in Aspelle Everywhere 3.0, which provides the appropriate levels and breadth of access customers need, while extending the capabilities and ROI of their existing technology infrastructure."

Aspelle Everywhere is the only SSL VPN capable of providing flexible access
to all corporate applications, including Web, Unix, Windows and legacy systems, without compromising security or manageability. Integrating easily into existing infrastructure, Aspelle Everywhere doesn't require client-side software, a dedicated device, system re-architecture, application re-engineering or significant hardware expenditure. Serving as a non-disruptive "buffer" between existing infrastructure and the Internet, Aspelle Everywhere provides a single passageway for the delivery of applications to users. This minimizes impact on infrastructure and maximizes a company's previous technology investments, including existing access solutions such as dial-up systems or traditional VPNs.

"SSL VPNs are quickly emerging as the hottest remote access technology because of their ability to deliver client-less access," added Jeff Wilson, executive director at Infonetics Research. "Aspelle's solution adds centralized management, extremely impressive firewall traversal capabilities and can easily integrate into existing infrastructure."

Secure, Centralized Management
Offering the most secure, end-to-end management of any SSL VPN in the industry, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 enables businesses to dramatically reduce administrative overhead and obtain unprecedented visibility into business operations. Aspelle Everywhere's unique, centralized management capabilities encompass all users and applications, offering absolute control over user access and providing the highest granularity of security. Aspelle Everywhere also enables increasingly context sensitive access provisioning based on user, location, device and time. As a result, it can be used for comprehensive application auditing, reporting, monitoring and billing, allowing enterprises to continually evaluate and optimise their business processes.

Seamlessly integrating into existing Windows environments, Aspelle Everywhere features easy-to-use management consoles that are delivered as Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins. Not only does this provide a consistent and intuitive user interface for all tasks, it eliminates the administrative burden of another proprietary interface. These centralized management consoles facilitate easy control of Aspelle-enhanced Active Directory users and computers, Aspelle-enhanced ISA Management, Aspelle's authentication service and Aspelle's reporting features.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Access Capabilities
No other solution on the market can compete with the scope of access Aspelle
Everywhere delivers. Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 features a unique "terminating"
and "repeating" capability that facilitates traversal through even the most
complex tiered firewall environments at any off-site location. As a result,
Aspelle Everywhere ensures that authorized users have access to the
applications they need, whenever and wherever they need them.

Moreover, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 supports both encrypted and unencrypted
SOCKS, eliminating the need for clients to double encrypt if they already
use an encrypted connection. Support for application proxy servers is
included through the use of native HTTP and HTTPS protocols, allowing
communication through stateful inspection of firewalls and proxies,
increasing the locations from where Aspelle Everywhere can be accessed.

In addition, customers can choose one of the following delivery mechanisms:

- Java - Designed to work within any Web browser, Aspelle Everywhere
supports SOCKS, Secure SOCKS, HTTP and HTTPS connections.
- ActiveX - Aspelle Everywhere is also designed to work within Internet Explorer, supporting SOCKS, Secure SOCKS, HTTP and HTTPS connections. Moreover, with ActiveX, Aspelle Everywhere supports NTLM authenticating outbound proxies, again increasing Aspelle Everywhere's accessibility.

Enterprise-Class Security
Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 also features a unique, three-tier security model to
ensure the most stringent levels of security. All corporate data is 128-bit
encrypted, with authentication, authorization and access controlled
separately. Applications remain inside the enterprise at all times, and all
information is transferred between the enterprise and users over ports 80 or
443. As a result, additional ports don't have to be exposed on the
Internet-facing firewall.

For added security, Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 supports three types of session
ticket, including browser-based certificates, browser-based cookies and
machine-based certificates. It can also support single sign-on in two ways,
either storing encrypted user credentials within Active Directory or through
user impersonation for Kerberos applications, delivering the appropriate
Active Directory token to the impersonator and authenticating the user to a
resource. And with support for NTLM authentication, organizations have the
option to provide a single account for users to gain both internal and
external access.

Simple to Implement, Manage and Use
Aspelle Everywhere doesn't require the installation of complex
application-specific management servers, and integrates seamlessly with
Active Directory and other directory services, eliminating the hassle of
introducing yet another proprietary management interface. Managing access is
always as simple as a few clicks in existing user interfaces to add and
delete users and permission applications in real-time. And since Aspelle
Everywhere allows users to access their own personal computer 'desktop' and
interact with their applications in a manner they are already familiar with,
it requires virtually no training.

New Entry-Level Server
Aspelle's new Aspelle Entry-Level Server offers full Aspelle Everywhere
functionality, but is designed for companies interested in using the product
on an introductory scale. Delivering immediate support for up to 100 concurrent users, the Aspelle Entry-Level Server can be configured and deployed almost instantly. The Aspelle Entry-Level Server's extremely scalable architecture also makes it ideal for an enterprise's longer-term needs.

Pricing and Availability
Aspelle Everywhere 3.0 and the Aspelle Entry-Level Server are available now.
Pricing starts as low as $40,000.

About Aspelle
Aspelle offers the industry's most comprehensive, flexible and manageable
SSL VPN. The company's award-winning software platform, Aspelle Everywhere,
is ideal for companies who want to offer users secure, client-less access to
all corporate applications, without the limitations and expense associated
with other access technologies. Offering a powerful three-tier security
model and centralized management, as well as the market's most advanced
reporting features, Aspelle Everywhere integrates seamlessly into existing
infrastructure, delivering the highest possible impact on ROI.
Aspelle Everywhere is a registered trademark of Aspelle Ltd. All other
product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their
respective owners.

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Public Relations
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