Raymarine Improves Service, Cuts Costs, and Enables Business Expansion with RIGHTNOW EService Centre

Global Boating Supplies Company Uses Email and Web to Support Customers Efficiently and Improve Market Feedback

RightNow Technologies, the world's leading provider of hosted customer service and support solutions, today announced global boating equipment supplier Raymarine has successfully implemented RightNow eService Centre to improve customer service, reduce costs, and support the expansion of its business. Raymarine achieved these benefits through the streamlined email management, effective Web self-service, and ongoing market feedback that RightNow's hosted software solution provides.

Before deploying RightNow, Raymarine confronted a problem many companies face - email overload. Emails from customers had to be distributed manually to the appropriate customer support representative or service technician. With hundreds more messages arriving weekly, response times could stretch to as many as six days. Customers would then telephone the company to get an answer, creating additional phone volume.

Some of the information customers were seeking was already on the company's site. But because there was no easy way to pinpoint it, they had no choice but to email or call.

RightNow's solution provided automated email distribution and event tracking, and supplied the tools for quickly building an easily navigable online support knowledge base. Raymarine built the knowledge base by getting support staff to create knowledge items whenever they answered customers' questions, eliminating the need for a potentially time-consuming content authoring project.

As a hosted solution, RightNow also allowed Raymarine to get up and running quickly - without having to shoulder the burden and expense of server, network, and storage infrastructure.

Raymarine realised the benefits of the technology very quickly. Email response times dropped to fewer than 48 hours. Volume remained stable despite a six percent increase in sales. And one-quarter of the company's support reps were able to be re-assigned to more strategic projects.

The increased insight provided by RightNow into the specific nature of customers' questions has now enabled Raymarine to make appropriate changes to its product designs and documentation, further enhancing customer satisfaction. The increased efficiency of its customer service operations is also helping Raymarine enter the marine-related software market - an undertaking that could have potentially swamped its customer support capabilities.

"Efficient, scalable customer service enables you to retain customers, increase operating margins, and expand your product lines," Jim Hands, Raymarine's Web site production manager says. "RightNow has delivered all these benefits to us, and done so without the incredible headaches that often accompany the deployment of a new enterprise application."

Sean Forbes, vice president of marketing and business development at RightNow, says Raymarine's experience is typical of RightNow customers: "Most companies buy enterprise software expecting to do a lot of things, but wind up being able to do only a few, despite all the cost and aggravation. In contrast, they typically buy RightNow's hosted solutions expecting to solve one or two very specific problems and wind up experiencing a much broader set of benefits - without any of the pain and expense associated with big-ticket software."

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