WRQ Reflection for the Web and Aspelle Everywhere Integrated to Enable
"Anytime, Anywhere" Access to Windows, Web, UNIX and Legacy Systems

LONDON, April 9, 2003 - Aspelle, a leading provider of SSL VPN solutions,and WRQ, Inc., specialising in host integration technologies, announced the
integration of Aspelle Everywhere and WRQ Reflection for the Web. One of the
industry's most comprehensive, flexible and manageable SSL VPN solutions,
Aspelle Everywhere delivers secure, client-less access to corporate
applications, without the limitations and expense associated with other
access technologies. WRQ Reflection for the Web extends Aspelle Everywhere's
capabilities by facilitating terminal screen access to IBM, HP, UNIX, and
OpenVMS host applications, enabling organisations to provide remote users
cost-effective and secure access to all of their corporate applications with
one, easy-to-implement solution.

"Host-based applications play a critical role in almost every organisation
across the globe," said Randy Robinson, vice president and manager of the
Reflection Business Unit at WRQ. "It is becoming essential that access
solutions like Aspelle Everywhere connect users to all applications, whenever and wherever they need them. Aspelle's software-only approach addresses this critical need in a unique and effective way. Given our mutual focus on flexibility and ease of implementation, customers reap these benefits almost immediately."

IBM, HP, UNIX, and OpenVMS terminal applications often rely on protocols that are not compatible with the Internet, which previously had made it extremely difficult for users to access these systems remotely. Although traditional VPNs can alleviate this issue to some extent, these solutions can be prohibitively expensive because of complexity in implementation and ongoing administrative costs, and they are unable to deliver the level of flexibility needed.

The integration between Aspelle Everywhere and WRQ Reflection for the Web
eliminates this problem by "wrapping" non-Internet protocols in SSL,
enabling authorised users to access host applications securely via the
Internet. The combined solution delivers browser-based terminal emulation
for IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420, HP2392 and HP7009x
over an SSL-encrypted channel. It also offers screen printing for IBM 3287
and IBM 3812 (HPT and non-HPT), as well as VT logging and controller mode
printing and HP pass-through printing.

As a result, users can access all applications, including Windows, Web, UNIX
and legacy systems, from any geographical location and through even the most
complex, vertical firewall environments. This streamlined approach to managing and delivering all applications with one, integrated solution significantly increases an organisation's overall operational efficiency and productivity, while decreasing management and support overhead.

"Enterprise customers want to deploy existing host applications to an ever-expanding remote and mobile end-user population. By working with Aspelle, WRQ can offer a comprehensive solution that incorporates the growing demand for SSL VPNs," said Lucinda Borovick, director of DatacenterNetworks at IDC.

"To compete in today's economy, companies need to offer their users access
to all applications - not just a few of them. As the recognised leader in
enabling Web access to host systems and as a company well known for its commitment to security, WRQ was the obvious choice to help us in this capacity. Working together, we ensure that companies can always get the right information to the right user at the right time, without having to worry about security, manageability or affordability," commented Mark Turner, Aspelle's CEO.

About Aspelle Everywhere
Combining secure, flexible access with powerful, centralised management,
Aspelle Everywhere is unmatched by any other SSL VPN solution in the
industry. Aspelle Everywhere is ideal for companies who want to offer users
secure, client-less access to all corporate applications, without the
limitations and expense associated with other access technologies.
Integrating easily into existing infrastructure, Aspelle Everywhere doesn't
require client-side software, a dedicated device, system re-architecture,
application re-engineering or significant hardware expenditure. As a result,
Aspelle Everywhere offers companies the lowest total cost of ownership, as
well as the fastest and highest overall ROI.

WRQ Reflection for the Web
Reflection for the Web is a fast, flexible way to Web-enable host systems.
It delivers secure access to IBM, HP, UNIX, and OpenVMS host applications
from a Web browser. Reflection for the Web is a centrally-managed solution
that extends access to any Java-enabled client workstation, without
re-engineering or investing in new hardware. It also offers a complete,
Java-based solution that can be deployed to a variety of servers, no more
machine-by-machine updates. Make changes once, and users get them the next
time they connect. Enhanced security ensures safe access to host information
for all users - local and remote. Administrators have complete control over
which emulation sessions a user or group can access.

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